Fear of conflict in the fourth stage


Clashes, retaliatory attacks and arson have also taken place in different parts of the country yesterday over the Union Parishad (UP) elections. Voters are fearful of a conflict situation in the fourth round of voting as in the previous rounds. In the midst of such fears, the fourth phase of voting is going to be held in 640 UPs of the country on Sunday.

Earlier, in three phases, a total of 2,002 UPs witnessed massive violence in different places before and after the polls and on polling day. Violence over the election has so far claimed the lives of six people across the country. The highest number of deaths occurred in the second stage. Thirty people were killed in the by-elections. In the second phase, 6 people were involved in clashes on election day and in the third phase, 6 people were killed.

Conflicts were also reported in different parts of the country on Saturday. Twenty-nine cocktails have been recovered from a house in the border area of ​​Comilla. The house of a chairman candidate has been set on fire in Jamalpur’s Sarishabari. In Bhola Sadar, two workers of a chairman candidate have been beaten. In Tajumuddin, 30 people were injured in clashes between supporters of two UP member candidates.

This time voting is taking place in four thousand Union Parishads (UP) in six steps in the country. So far, 348 chairmen have been elected without a vote in a five-stage vote. In the fourth phase, 48 chairmen have been elected without voting. These 47 UPs are not voting for the post of chairman today.

RAB raided a house on the Indian border in Comilla Adarsha Sadar Upazila and recovered 29 cocktails, seven Ramadas, a Chinese ax and a huge bomb-making equipment. The raid was carried out at Jasim Uddin’s house in Golabari area of ​​Ward 7 of Panchthubi Union yesterday. Seven people were arrested at the time. Voting will take place in Panchthubi UP election today. Locals believe that someone was stockpiling bombs and home-made weapons to create anarchy in the run-up to the election. Major Mohammad Sakib Hossain, Company Commander of RAB-11 Comilla, confirmed the seizure of arms.

Abdullah Al Mamun alleged that supporters of Awami League nominee Anisur Rahman set fire to one of his tin houses in Bilbalia area. One day before the election, everything in the house was burnt to ashes. There are only a few tins left to burn in the house. Anisur Rahman, the candidate of the boat, did not pick up the phone when an attempt was made to contact him on his mobile phone.

At least 30 people have been injured in a clash between supporters of two members of Ward No. 2 in Sonapur UP of Bhola’s Tajumuddin upazila. Clashes erupted after the campaign was called off, locals said. The candidates are Arifur Rahman Talukder (Rooster) and Mezbahuddin Faruk Palwan (Football). Election is going to be held in Sonapur UP today after 19 years. The Awami League candidate has won without a vote as there is no rival for the post of chairman.

Meanwhile, in Bhola Sadar Upazila, Rajapur UP, an Awami League chairman candidate has been accused of stabbing and injuring two activists of a ‘rebel’ chairman candidate. The incident took place at Jantabazar in Sadar upazila on Friday. Ghiyasuddin and Abdus Salam were injured in the attack. They are activists of Rezaul Haque Mithu Chowdhury, the rebel chairman candidate of Rajapur Union. Boat symbol chairman candidate. Mizanur Rahman has denied allegations of attacking the activists and supporters of the opposition candidate brought against him.

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