Different Career Choices for Health Technologists and Technicians


A career in the medical field is rewarding. You get to take care of people, enriching their lives in any manner possible. Medical aspirants who are looking to grow as a health technician or technologist can explore various options when it comes to enhancing their career perspective. 

Several medical recruitment agencies in Melbourne hire for doctor and GP jobs along with expert health technicians and technologists. They consider interpersonal skills and domain knowledge a priority while recruiting the candidates for the job. 

Let us know about different career options that you can choose if you decide to be a health technician.

Dental Hygienists

A dental hygienist looks after the dental and oral health of the patients and teaches them how to maintain good oral hygiene. The work is usually carried out under the supervision of expert dentists. You are required to spend time with patients, performing tasks, such as examining patient’s teeth, cleaning tasks, etc. You need to complete a VET qualification in the area of dental hygiene to become a dental hygienist. The course should be recognised by the Dental Board of Australia. Doctors jobs in Melbourne are on the rise, regardless of the medical field. You can take advantage of it by exploring job options in the dentistry field. 

EMTs and Paramedics

If you’re passionate about helping patients in emergencies, you can be a good fit for the role of an EMT. They administer on-site emergencies and look after injured or ill patients. You must go through intensive training from basic to paramedic level to attain efficiency and become an expert in this field. And some necessary certifications like ACLS you must renew from time to time. No doubt it’s a rewarding profession as you contribute to making people healthy and look beyond the normal job of prescribing medications. This is among the best GP jobs in Melbourne that you can consider applying for.

Athletic Trainers

Nowadays, medical jobs are no more limited to taking care of patients. There are other job profiles like athletic trainers that are popular among the youth in Australia. The main job of athletic trainers is to treat athletes and individuals who sustain injuries and share preventive measures accordingly. However, they carry out this job under the supervision of an expert physician. You must have at least a Bachelor’s degree to become an athletic trainer. If you’re looking for GP jobs in Melbourne, you can also explore this career choice, which may turn out to be rewarding and fulfilling for you.

Licensed Nurse

There is a huge demand for licensed nurses in Australia, given the aging population and increase in the number of medical facilities. A licensed nurse looks after the sick, disabled, and injured patients. To become a licensed nurse, you need to complete a Diploma of Nursing from any recognised Australian university. Besides, you need to apply to the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) to practice as a registered nurse.

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