Development of applications: cost and pitfalls


The global Internet steadily moves towards “mobilization”. As of 2020, the market of mobile games reached $68.5 billion. According to Newzoo, this number is about to skyrocket by 160-170% within the next five years. Sensor Tower statistics show that Apple Store and Google Play hosted 108 000 new mobile games in 2019 (15% of the overall amount). Eventually, mobile games belong to the recent trend that gains momentum.

How much does it cost to develop a game app? This question is among the most important for those who aim to conquer this fast-growing sector.

How much time does the whole process take?

You are going to launch a new mobile game. Foremost, dive into the timing and find out key stages of application development. The process of app development for Android, iOS, or Windows Phone includes the following stages:

  • Evaluation of a project (takes about 2 days);
  • Goal setting and market analysis (about 5 days);
  • Creation of a technical inquiry that depends on an application complexity (10-15 days);
  • Design of an application (5 – 10 days);
  • Programming services (20 days – 4 months);
  • Testing and monitoring of an application (5 – 10 days).

This said, the whole process may take from 1.5 to 5.5 months. As for a mobile game development cost, it directly depends on the timing.

Factors to influence an application development cost

While talking about the core factors, those are a company that provides services and a task complexity. Furthermore, the final price depends on the scope of work that includes app compatibility, the number of screens, managing elements, security, different languages support, etc.

When you think of how much does it cost to make a game app, the process undergoes the following stages:

  1. Understand deeply the aim and target audience of your mobile game application.
  2. Give requirements for developers from the viewpoint of your app design and functionality.
  3. Approve every stage of your app development.
  4. Test a mobile game app on different devices to ensure application compatibility.
  5. Upload an application to Google Play or App Store.

When it comes to a game app development cost, the final result frequently depends on the company you deal with.

Evaluation of the overall cost

While talking about the USA and Australia an average cost of 1 hour of development services varies from $50 to $250, and these are the highest rates on the Globe. Meanwhile, most companies involve outsourcing experts to minimize costs. If to compare hourly rates, the differences are the following:

  1. Western European countries: from $30 to $175;
  2. Eastern European countries: from $20 to $150;
  3. India and other Asian jurisdictions: from $10 to $80.

As such, a mobile game development cost breakdown enables clients to understand the final expenses. The minimum development cost starts from $3000 and goes beyond $70 000. Always discuss prices individually!

Take into account the complexity of your application. Apps of a medium complexity cost from $4000 (require 3-4 months) and highly complex apps demand $6000 and more (require more than 4 months).

As for the cost, you need to understand how much money do mobile games make. According to Forbes, the net value of 45% of mobile apps exceeds $1000 per month. Need a high-end mobile game application? Apply to experienced experts offering turnkey solutions:

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