Dealing with Termites in Your Home

Dealing with Termites in Your Home: Rely Only on Pest Control Experts


Termites are a common issue in many households. Sometimes, homeowners ignore the severity of the problem thinking the presence of these pests is something many people have to deal with regularly. Unfortunately, termites can pose a threat to homes and furniture. And you need to work with Pointe Pest Control technicians to handle any infestation.

Reasons Termites are Harmful

Termites can cause serious damage and compromise your home’s physical integrity. Indeed, they can cause more damage than natural disasters such as floods, fires, and storms. And while natural disasters are often covered by homeowner’s insurance, damage caused by termites is often not included. Thus, if termites damage your house, you will deal with financial consequences. And when termites get inside your house, they can damage even your wooden furniture. 

Having Termite Inspections Done

Termite control must be a priority for every homeowner. This is possible with regular termite inspections. Even if a barrier termite control system is in place, the pests can find their way into your home. Therefore, you need to perform termite inspections frequently. 

Termite inspections should be done when you see signs of termites. And successive inspections must be performed after treatment to ensure the pests are not back.  While termite swarms are the most common signs of a termite infestation, swarms only occur at specific times of the year. The swarms can help you determine where termites might be hiding or creating a new hive. 

Keeping Your Home Termite-Free

Termites tend to love moisture. So, you must keep your house dry at all times to get rid of conducive conditions above ground like leaky roofs, poorly sealed flashing around roof lines and fireplaces, as well as rotted eves. Such conditions make it more likely for certain types of termites to start an areal infestation. 

When termites invade your house, they can eat everything around them and you may not be able to stop them. These pests will not voluntarily stop what they are doing and a lot of DIY termite control options only stop the obvious sign of termite infestation. Pest control technicians know what type of methods to use to destroy termites and protect your house from the damage caused by these pests. They may use liquid barriers to kill existing termites and prevent them from entering your home. When you choose termite control methods, you do not need to wait for termites to cause damage. Rather, you want an effective treatment that will lock out these pests the entire season. 

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