4+ benefits and one spoiler of offshore servers


Dedicated hosting is a sign of a respected business. It means fewer problems to the customers, higher speed, and the absence of the black site’s impact, as in the case of the virtual server. Most experts consider offshore as the best place for data storage facilities. And here is why.

Less pay, more enormous performance

The first benefit of the offshore dedicated server is money saving. For example, the national operators offer 100 Mbps port on the sum equal to the 10 Gbps abroad. Add more differences in the configurations here, and you choose the offshore location for your business.

Don’t lay all eggs in one basket.

Basket = country. That means hosting your website in a single country or different parts of the same state. It has risks like infrastructure problems or changing of rules. That’s for some foreign locations, but some operators back up the user’s websites in different countries. If one server comes out, its backup launches and the data loss is impossible.

Reduction of load

This parameter may be critical in such business spheres like:

  • Media centers:
  • International businesses;
  • Mining systems

Offshore hosting is the key to a comfortable life. European and some US networks have high ping and unmetered bandwidth. All possibilities are opened to respected businesses. Besides, some countries intentionally slow the speed of some resources. International backups fix this problem.

Safety concerns

You’re a progressive man or woman interested in new technologies? It’s a great idea to buy a server with crypto support. But your government may prohibit digital platforms. The location outside of your region removes hypothetical barriers to your activity. The offshore location is critical if the company or website owner has personal or national security connections.

A sour spoon

There is only one disadvantage of offshore servers anywhere. The world is rather dynamic, and some laws impact local providers in selected countries. Don’t forget about the political risks of a desirable location search. Remember that you should follow the legislative base of the offshore territory you use for operations. Sometimes the governments ask the international residents to register the local affiliate to use their hosting service.


Anyway, the dedicated servers abroad have more pluses than minuses. They give flexibility to the users and a better service level. It opens new possibilities for the public, like bitcoin server hosting. So choose the preferred location and go ahead to thank customers.

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