What are the Demands of the Toys Seller for the Blister Cards Packaging?



Blister cards are specially designed retail packaging type that many retailers love. These packages have two layers of sheets manufactured with the cardboard. Sides are fixed, whereas the insides of these two layers are not fixed that is used for placing the vinyl tray. One of the sheets has a die-cut window that allows the vinyl bubble tray to come out. In this tray, the product is placed. The cardboard sheet is easy to print with different kinds of graphics. It is possible to alter their shape in different ways. A dedicated hole is there that allows the retailers to hang them on the walls. 

Talking about Compact and Promotional kind of Packaging? :

Blister cards are quite an impressive packaging that is mostly used for promoting specific products. It can carry many kinds of products due to its customizable size. Many brands are looking for their shape customization to enhance their attractiveness. They are manufactured with two cardboard sheets that have a vinyl tray in between. This tray has a bubble that comes out of the front side of the cardboard sheet, which has a die-cut hole. They can be printed with numerous kinds of visuals that businesses desire. A hole is punched out that provides easiness in hanging them. Some of them are also laminated with glossy or matte sheets from the front and backside. 

Talking about compact and promotional kinds of packaging? Here are blister cards for you. They are exceptional for providing a 3D view of the item inside. That is why many toy brands use them. Many businesses like to get them, but they have some concerns. If you are here to know what the demands of toy sellers for these packages are, we can help you. These are some of their top demands for this packaging. 

Proper Protection is Vital:

Safety is what many businesses want for their products. Especially the toy brands that are manufacturing delicate items for kids. They want that blister card packaging should be safe enough, so their products remain undamaged. For this purpose, the demand for sturdy materials that can ensure protection. Moreover, the thick vinyl sheet that is not easy to bend can also help in this regard. On top of that, laminating the front and backside can ensure safety against moisture and make the packaging water repellent. That can satisfy this need of the sellers.

Variety of Materials are Beneficial:

It is among quite important demands of many toy businesses. They need a variety of materials for custom blister cards. It is because there is just cardboard available in this regard. Sometimes, it is not enough in many ways. They need innovation in this regard. So, making them with sturdy Kraft paper or corrugated materials can also do the job. Providing other options in terms of quality materials is also beneficial to meet this demand. Many businesses do not consider this one, but it is quite easy to fulfill in reality. 

Proper Shape of the Vinyl Bubble:

Shape customizations of the vinyl tray inside these packages are possible. But the need of many sellers is that this shape should be appropriate. Like certain toys have a specific shape and sharp edges. Many packaging suppliers do not provide that kind of fitting of shape that this vinyl pop out bubble has. It is vital to use modern and better technology to make them. That will allow the packaging manufacturers to make this one according to the shape and size of the product going to be there inside. That is how this one can easily be fulfilled. 

High Printing Standard:

Many premium brands also use this kind of package for their products. All they need is the quality of blister cards printingThat is why you must consider this one quite important. It is easy to make them happy by providing better results in terms of printing. The businesses that provide these packages should use appropriate printing techniques according to the design and graphics. Offset is beneficial in some cases where digital is not. And digital printing is advantageous in many cases where offset printing cannot do well. That is why using the technique appropriately is important in this regard. 

Smooth Edges are Essential:

Many businesses complain about the rough edges of custom blister cardsThis can damage their reputation in the market. That is why they demand quality in manufacturing. Using better die-cut plates can do the job. Moreover, using other methods to make the edges smooth can also be beneficial. Mostly this complaint comes in when the package has sharp corners. So making slightly round corners is also good for this purpose. 

Cost-Effectiveness has Huge Significance:

Talking about a big factor that can impact the use decision making of businesses? The cost is the one. Many toy brands are looking for economical blister card packaging. Businesses must consider this point significant. It is because you can easily use various kinds of techniques to reduce the cost. The right blister cards printing technique can also do this. Moreover, using recycled cardboard is also amazing for reducing the cost of these packages. This one is important because many toy brands choose this kind of package over complete boxes just to reduce the cost.
Blister cards are a great blessing for many businesses, especially for toy sellers that love these packages for presenting their toys in them. But they have some concerns that have become their demands. The aforementioned ones are some of them. We also have given some tips for fulfilling these demands for your help.

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