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Everything You Need To Know About Urban Air Adventure Park


If you want to spend an epic day out with your kids and wife then head towards Urban Air Adventure Park. It start operating in Fall of 2019 in Appleton at Sterling Heights. But there are many other adventure parks in the USA so what makes the Urban Air unique? What makes it different from other parks? Is it a trampoline park or what? We will learn about it in detail in this article. Urban Air is an indoor adventure park full of energy and fun that you will miss in other parks. Yes, there are trampolines but not just that there are many other fun things to play.

The park has 60,000 of space that is Huge like a size of football field or a departmental store. There are so many things to do fun with which makes the kids busy and you can do your work outside. Urban Air has 154 locations just in USA and is known as the best Gym In America for kids.

Urban Air is not just a trampoline park, it is a gym or active amusement park. Where kids do fun and perform healthy indoor activities. There is space for kids, teens, and adults so. The manager of adventure park warns everyone that “Be careful, you will get sweaty here. We have made careful considerations so kids have less time with screen and more time in healthy activities. We opened park so you can make memories and experience here”. It is not a warning but a fun point that after visiting Urban Air you can’t control yourself and will sweaty after playing.

No matter if you are a parent, you can also visit the parents room. There you can have TV, chairs and have massage plus wifi. You are only allowed to go to parents room if your kids are old enough to play themselves.

Tips For First Visit

  • Try to wear comfortable clothes. You need to wear urban air socks that you need to purchase for first visit.
  • Don’t bring valuables in the park. Keep them at home or locked in the car. As you will be busy in playing, it can damage your valuables.
  • It is recommended to bring some extra money in pocket for drinks and snacks. As we all know kids get hungry during playing so they will ask for snacks and drinks more frequently. So you must keep extra money before visiting Urban Air.

Things That’ll Attract

  • Go Karts (2 story track and 0.2 mile lap)
    As an observer, you can have 2nd level view from inside the track. Also you can take photos and can record videos of 75% of the track not 100%. There are single as well as double electric karts.
    The benefits of Electric karts are:
    1. As the karts are electric they are exhaust fumes free.
    2. High-tech Diagnostic Monitoring.
    3. Mechanics is covered which prevents no burning like gas car.
    4. Reveres gears help to get out from spin-outs.
    5. They are faster than gas karts and can reach highest speed quickly.
    6. Staff is present to control the speed according to driver’s skill level.

  • Bumper cars that can twist and lots of spinning.
  • You can fight dragons or robots through Virtual Reality (VR). It is best for teens and adults. As soon as you step into the world of VR, you will forget about real world.
  • 360 degrees flipping chair cars.
  • Sky Rider Coaster that allows you to fly above different attractions.
  • You can climb in the rope adventure game with safety harness.
  • If you can skip obstacles and ball pits, then warrior course is here for you.
  • You can fulfill your desire to climb the rock wall but you must be 41” tall.
  • Trampolines are placed that let you do healthy jumping.
  • Drop zone, Basketball, Dodgeball, Wipeout, and Runway.
  • Cafe for snacks and drinks.

How Much Fees For A Visit?

There are different options available. First is to buy a ticket from the front-desk or online. The prices ranges for the your demand, date, and arrival time. When you visit at less busy times, you can avail a 40% discount on standard pricing. The second is to buy an yearly membership plan that will give you awesome discounts. Below is the breakdown of the prices for different things:

  • Trampolines Only ($10.49)
  • For Deluxe Membership ($13.79)
    It includes Basic Trampolines, Wipeout, Prozone Performance Trampolines, Tubes, Warrior Course, and Battle Beam.
  • For Ultimate Membership ($16.79)
    It includes Deluxe features plus Leap of Faith, Climbing Walls, Dueling Sky Rider, and Ropes Course.
  • For Platinum Membership ($22.79)
    It includes Ultimate features plus Virtual Reality, Flip Zone Bumper Cars, Unlimited Go-Karts, and Spin Zone Bumper Cars.
  • Socks For ($3.49)
  • Parents Pass is for 50% Retail Pass Price
  • For under 5 years ($8.99)


Is it compulsory to buy the socks?

Yes, if you need to visit Urban Air, you have to buy socks for $3.49 each person.

Is there any age restriction?

No, there is not age limits. Just the area are defined for the ages. Some play areas are only for kids of 7 or under age. Parents are allowed to interact with them.

Is there any height restriction?

Yes, there is height limit in some games like for warrior attractions and climbing walls, your height must be 41” tall. For ropes course and sky rider, you must be 48” tall. And for tubes, the highest height is required which is 52” tall.

How the adventure park kept clean?

Urban Air park is utilized with long-lasting Residual Antimicrobial Technology that helps preventing microbes. This fog technology helps to keep the park clean up to the Hospital Grade level that can kill all microbes.

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