Two rockets landed near the US embassy in Baghdad


Two rockets were fired at the highly protected Green Zone area of ​​the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. The US Embassy is located in this area.

The rocket attack took place on Sunday morning. The AFP news agency quoted Iraqi security forces as saying.

A statement from Iraqi security said two rockets had been fired at Baghdad’s Green Zone. A rocket is shot down while in the sky. The other rocket landed. Two vehicles were damaged.

An Iraqi security source said the rocket, which was shot down while in the sky, landed near the US embassy. The second rocket landed 500 meters away from the US embassy.

Earlier, a security source in the country said that both the rockets were shot down while they were in the sky. They were later dropped off at the US embassy.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the latest rocket attack.

In recent months, there have been a number of rocket and drone strikes targeting US forces and interests in Iraq.

Hardly anyone has claimed responsibility for the attacks. However, pro-Iranian groups in Iraq are suspected of carrying out the attack.

The United States currently has about 2,500 troops in Iraq. In addition, the International Coalition has one thousand troops. The troops are said to be engaged in training, advising and co-operating in the country.

The rocket was fired at the Green Zone area on the 10th anniversary of the US withdrawal from Iraq.

A bomb blast near the Pakistani capital, Karachi, has killed at least 14 people. Another 13 people were injured. The blast took place at a branch of Habib Bank in Sher Shah area, known as Karachi’s industrial area, on Saturday afternoon. News BBC and AFP.

A senior police official was quoted by AFP as saying that the explosion could have been caused by a fault in the gas line. The building where the blast took place had a sewer and a gas pipeline running under it.

The blast also damaged a petrol station and a car park near the bank. The rod flew off the floor of the bank building in the explosion.

The country’s police official, Sarfaraz Newaz, told the BBC the bomb disposal team was investigating the incident. However, no signs of sabotage were found.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed hope that the issue of humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan will be given priority in the foreign ministerial meeting of the 57-member OIC. Imran made the remarks after a meeting of senior OIC officials on Saturday to prepare for the foreign minister-level session.

The inaugural session of the OIC Foreign Ministers will be held in Pakistan on Sunday. Imran Khan will address the session.

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