The Pakistani bride entered the wedding hall with a picture of her dead mother


A bride enters the wedding hall with tears in her eyes. Wearing dark red lehenga and heavy jewelry. He is holding his father’s hand in one hand. The other hand is close to the chest. Holding mother’s picture. Mother is not in the world. But you are in the heart of the girl. A video of such a wedding has recently spread on social media. News from NDTV

The incident happened in Pakistan. Maha Wazahat Khan, a photographer, shared an emotional video of the moment on Instagram. He has dedicated the video to all the mother-lost daughters.

As seen in the video, relatives are wiping away tears after the bride enters the wedding hall with her father. Some are hugging him again and crying. Dad was also wiping his eyes for a while. The 56-second video ends with the bride’s farewell. When father and daughter were hugging and crying.

NDTV reports that the video has been viewed more than 2.7 million times in the two days since it was shared on Instagram. More than eight hundred comments have been read below the post.

One wrote in the comment box, “Emotions are hard to control.” Another wrote, “Every time I see it, I cry.”
In the comments room, many people have expressed their love and best wishes to the bride.

India has decided to increase the minimum marriage age for women from 18 to 21 years. The decision was announced by the Union Cabinet on Wednesday. Through this, new laws are going to be enacted in India to make the minimum age of marriage for men and women equal. Under the existing law, the minimum age of marriage for women is 18 years and for boys it is 21 years. The new law recommends 21 years for both. However, critics say that child marriage cannot be prevented by this law. Rather, it will have a negative impact on marginalized people. News from The Indian Express.

The Indian Express reports that in addition to setting the same age for marriage for men and women, a number of other factors have played a role. The Narendra Modi government’s argument is that if women get married at an early age, they are more likely to get pregnant at an early age. There is a risk of not ensuring adequate nutrition for mother and baby. It can also affect their physical and mental health. There is also a risk of increasing infant mortality rate and maternal mortality rate. In addition, getting married at an early age reduces women’s chances of studying and working.

The Jaya Jaitley Committee recently recommended raising the minimum age of marriage for girls to 21. This recommendation is based on the views of the youth of 16 universities of the country. More than 15 NGOs have worked to reach out to the youth living in remote areas and marginalized communities. The committee members claimed that the survey was conducted in urban and rural areas alike. The young people who took part in the survey were of different religions.

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