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Things To Know About Ear Cleaning & Micro-Suction Ear Wax Removal Services


Micro-suction ear wax removal is a popular process for removing wax build-up in the ear canal. If you are one of those who experience a regular wax build-up in your ears, this process can prove to be beneficial for you. Ears syringe treatments is a common method for wax removal, but quite messy and uncomfortable.

Cotton swabs should be avoided because they further push the earwax into the canal, worsening the issue. For stubborn ear wax removal, the micro-suction process is beneficial. 

Benefits of micro-suction?

Unlike the safer ear irrigation or the ear syringing treatment method, no water is used here. Therefore, no chance of mess. When undergoing micro-suction, a microscope or a set of microscopic glasses/loupes is used to view the presence of ear wax in the canal. The use of microscopic glasses makes the removal process much safer, quicker, and more comfortable for the patients.

The advantages of undertaking micro-suction ear removal include: 

  • A clear view of the ear wax in the canal while removing.
  • Safe for individuals having ear drum perforations
  • The absence of water makes the procedure less messy
  • Safe for those having huge mastoid cavities owing to surgical work
  • Instant results are visible
  • You can see a noticeable difference only after undergoing a single treatment
  • The Microsoft San treatment process can also avoid future build-up of wax
  • Clean and hygienic, no use of gel and liquids
  • Reduces the risk of infections that are associated with the traditional wax removal methods
  • The process needs a few minutes for completion and is entirely painless

The micro-suction process can take place without the use of ear wax sprays or drops, but it is a good idea to make use of them. Studies show that it makes the process easier for both the patient and doctor. Prior to the date of undergoing the treatment procedure, it’s better to use the drops for a few days. 

Ear cleaning and blood

When a very dry wax piece is removed from the ear canal, fine pieces of skin also come off with it. When this occurs, as a patient, you can feel a slight pinch followed by a graze left in the canal. But there is nothing to worry about because there will be no feeling of discomfort after that. You can experience mild bleeding. There will be no huge blood loss or constant dripping of blood. When you visit a professional ear & allergy clinic, you can expect quality services from experienced doctors. Usually, the professionals prefer to use oil spray to coat the canal and protect the graze.

Points to consider

  • You may need multiple treatments depending on the build-up of wax in the canal
  • A medical assessment is important before starting the treatment. Discuss your medical history with the doctor to get appropriate suggestions.
  • Patients should be above 13 years old to undergo this process.

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