There will be no World Cup for two consecutive years


FIFA has given a big bait to its members. After four years, FIFA is not thinking about hosting the World Cup. The governing body of football wants to increase its funding by hosting the World Cup every two years. And they want to use democratic means to fulfill their desire. He wants to get the majority members to pass the proposal. In the meantime, FIFA will earn an additional ৪ 4.4 billion every four years if the World Cup is organized in this way. And this money will be distributed among all the members.

FIFA has also stated how much each federation will get in this proposal so that no one has to ‘bother’. They have sent tempting proposals for 211 federations. The federations currently receive ৬ 8 million every four-year cycle. If the cycle of the World Cup changes, the federations will get 25 million dollars. Bangladeshi value which is 214 crore 26 lakh rupees! How many federations can say ‘no’ to such a temptation?

But who is the main attraction of the World Cup, if they are not in the World Cup? There is a possibility of this happening. Alexander Seferin, the president of European football, has said that it is not possible to hold the World Cup in two consecutive years.

Seferin spoke about this at the Espo Twenty20 Dubai Fair. “Europe and South America are against this plan,” he warned FIFA. Ceferin has already warned FIFA about this, but in a different way.

UEFA and Conmebol recently proposed that 10 Latin American teams join the UEFA Nations League from 2024. The top 16 teams in the League of Nations, the top 16 teams in Europe, will be joined by 6 teams from Conmebol, including Brazil and Argentina. And the remaining 4 teams will take part in the next stage of the League of Nations.

If the top teams from Europe and Conmebol were to be seen in a tournament two years later, why would anyone be interested in watching the World Cup? People will be more interested in this League of Nations than the World Cup. Because, there are teams from Africa, Asia, Oceania or North America in the World Cup. Not all the best teams in Europe and Conmebol get a place in the World Cup. But he will not be in trouble in the League of Nations.

But Seferin knows it’s more effective as a threat. In fact, after two years, when the European and South American teams meet like this, people will gradually lose interest. For this reason, the UEFA chief is not finding any reason to hold the World Cup for two consecutive years. The main problem is that in order to keep the World Cup attractive, it has to be organized every four years. Second, if two years in a row, it would swallow girls’ football. Because, in that case, there will be World Cup (for boys) in the year of girls World Cup also. Other sports events, such as the Olympic Games, will be a big mistake. ‘

However, FIFA is in the process of approving the proposal. England, Germany and France are opposed to the proposal. Most of Europe’s superpowers are against it. But 6 percent of Africa is in favor of the federation. 7% of Asian federations are in favor of the World Cup after two years.

But Seferin is confident that the current World Cup cycle will not change. Because? ‘Simply put, this is a very bad proposal and we are against it, so it will not happen. Because it won’t, it’s a bad proposal. Why are the Olympic Games four years in a row? Because, it is an event that you have to wait for, you will wait for it and you will enjoy it. The biggest event in football has to be four years in a row. And it is clear that 85% of the world’s supporters have rejected the proposal (two years after the World Cup). ‘

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