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StorHub introduced self-storage to Singapore in 2003 and is now one of the largest self storage operators in the world. Its global family now includes properties in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan.

StorHub’s self-storage facilities provide safe and secure storage solutions for customers. They offer units with advanced security protocols, such as 24/7 recorded CCTV and fire protection systems, and secure pin code access.

Business Storage

StorHub offers safe, reliable and hassle-free self storage services to business owners. Located at convenient locations around Singapore 迷你倉, StorHub’s facilities are clean and brightly lit, with 24-hour CCTV and secure pin code access per floor to ensure that your important assets are safely stored.

Mr La Tona said he has witnessed an increase in enquiries and bookings since the pandemic began in April, with some business owners seeking alternative storage options due to global supply chain snarls. “Self-storage facilities have been a popular option for these businesses, and are highly flexible,” he added.

In addition, demand for its wine storage facilities has surged to near 200 per cent, Mr La Tona noted. He said this is in part due to the fact that many businesses are unable to sell or dispose of their wine stock during the pandemic.

Personal Storage

If you have a hobby or collection that requires a safe and secure storage space, StorHub has you covered. They offer fully air-conditioned Lifestyle self storage spaces to help you store and cherish your precious items – from comic books to antiques and memorabilia.

Their facilities are equipped with round-the-clock CCTV surveillance and secure pin code access, so you can retrieve your items whenever you need them. You can also rent a unit on a month-to-month basis for flexible storage terms.

In addition, you can use the large trolleys and step ladders available for free to transport your things into and out of your space. There are also packaging materials stocked up in the reception office, including boxes of different sizes and bubble wrap and stretch film to protect your items.

Lifestyle Storage

StorHub has a special collection of lifestyle storage spaces geared towards micro-enterprises and collectors. They come with premium security, digital locks and a smart-entry system.

Mr Heng Tze Kiang, general manager of StorHub Singapore, said he has seen a “huge increase” in demand for its self-storage space. It’s a “good sign” for the self-storage industry.

“We have seen a steady flow of people needing extra storage space for a variety of reasons,” Mr Heng says, including home owners with limited space in their new homes. Others who are working from home have also been looking for extra space to declutter their belongings.

Document Storage

StorHub is proud to offer a number of storage services that can help you resolve your personal or business storage challenges. With a range of reliable and secure storage solutions, you’ll enjoy hassle-free, friendly service at affordable and competitive rates.

There are many different types of storage options, from storing infrequently used items such as furniture or appliances to archiving important company records and documents. When it comes to selecting the right self storage solution for you, StorHub offers a variety of premium and standard units with varying space and features.

The best storage option for you will depend on your specific needs and the budget you have to spend. Whether you need to store a few small boxes of old papers or need to keep your old office equipment safe from the elements, our storage experts will guide you through the best option for you. The right storage solution can mean the difference between a cluttered work space and a tidy one.

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