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Reach WTTC Global Summit 2022: Book Dubai To Manila Flights

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WTTC stands for world travel and tourism council and it is an organization initiated in 1990, with its headquarters in London. The purpose of the WTTC is to carry out research on how the travel and tourism industry influences economies across the globe. It also highlights issues that it can face such as policy-making, overcrowding etc, so that these are check up by concerned authorities.

It brings out how this particular industry contributed to a country’s finances and its growth.  This organization arranges various events and webinars by which people share, network and meet with government and private sector individuals on various issues, ideas and outcomes.

WTTC Global Summit 2022 Highlights

The WTTC Global summit is a high profile influential Travel & Tourism event that occurs every year and in 2022 the host is the Philippines capital city Manila. It was attended by people who are not just industry leads but also key government representatives from across the world, bringing out the efforts that have been put in place to help the travel and tourism industry recover from pandemic and become one that is focused on ideals like inclusiveness and sustainability.  One of the guest speakers was from Dubai.

The event seeks to bring together programs that help to crate job opportunities for economic development and gain a better understanding of the world around us through tourist programs. Here is a look at the key highlights of WTTC Global Summit 2022event:

Arnold Donald, the WTTC Chairperson for the event opened the summit, bringing out the devastation of the Ukraine war and how the organization stands with those suffering from wars and natural disasters across the globe, while the travel industry worldwide is recovering from the pandemic, the need has arisen for it to change, adapt and become incorporate more sustainable activities.

A guest speaker at the event Bernadette Romulo-Puyat from the Philippine Department of Tourism brought out how much tourism now had to be inclusive, sustainable and also resilient for it to get back to the kind of income levels that it brought out prior to the advent of the pandemic. She further went on to state that it is a must for the travel industry to focus on programs that are based on the idea of sustainability as it is vital for countries across the world to be united for the sake of the planet.  She also highlighted Philippines beauty, festivals, literature and cuisine which she wants to share with global summit delegates.

Another speaker at the summit Julia Simpson spoke about how the travel and tourism industry survived during the pandemic phase and currently it is much supportive to the people of Ukraine in the form of assistance to refugees. She asked the government to make use of science-based methods to assist the travel and tourism industry in recovering from the effects of the pandemic. In South East Asia, this industry is yet to recover and the Philippines is leading the way on this.  According to her, in the next ten years the travel and tourism industry will experience an annual growth rate of 5.8 percent and it is likely to create about 126 million new jobs. The ticket bookings of Dubai to Manila flights are a big example of the new trend of huge online bookings in flight and hotel industry.

Dan Richards of Global Rescue brought out one issue that governments across the world have to face, which is that they must take better decisions on issues like Covid 19 hospitalizations, quarantine alternatives and travel testing as this will boost the travel industry. Pal Griffiths of Dubai Airports brought out the face  that while people are now more interested in travel than ever, there is  definite change in their travel need and enjoyment as it is towards such change in expectations that the industry just now and hence forth cater so that it can grow rapidly. There has to be a definite focus on sustainability in travel packages and programs offered across the globe.

Clement Kwok of Hong Kong & Shanghai Hotels brought out one trend which is people wanting to travel to important tourist destinations inside their country rather than travel abroad. The travel industry should focus on such a demand and create a safe, secure means of helping such travelers journey as they are going to places where they can have an emotional connection. Domestic travel sustains COVID zero” approach and will make the industry pick up further.

Roberto Martinolof  Silversea Cruises brought out how amidst all the chaos that  the pandemic created in this industry, it has managed to get back to business with technology elements such as digital health passes and much more. Such technologies go a long way in enabling countries to open their borders faster, thus easing travelers and making their country entry process simple. Sumesh Patel of SITA, reinstated this point by s bringing out in the current situation single health pass and digital travel tokens made travel experience seamless. They are used everywhere such as hotels, car hire, cruise ships etc.  

According to Diane Sabatino of the US Customs and Border Protection, with travel agencies and other industries related to it like restaurants, hotels, car hire etc, there is widespread use of touch less technology and use of biometric facial comparison technology. This has caused a complete transformation in the way travelers interact with the industry’s service providers and such changes are here to stay.

Jane Sun of the Trip.com Group brought out how rebirth and rediscovery has been ushered into the travel & tourism industry with the COVID-19 pandemic.  There are so many innovations and means of adaptation here.

According to Tim Hentschel, HotelPlanner and Meetings.com stated that there were many interesting new trends that have set into the way travelers want to experience their journey and where they are going to stay.  The emphasis is now on getting into carbon negative travel so that there is a lighter footprint to save the planet. Travelers also want packages that state it is offering support to the local community as it makes their vacation more meaningful. Travelers are also interested in packages that take them to less known destinations and also destination weddings. 

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