12 hours ago | By Jason Amato

    Study Finds an Evident Link Between Eating Ultra-Processed Food, Overeating, and Obesity

    Scientists from the National Institute of Health have made a groundbreaking discovery. People who eat…
    3 days ago | By Stefen Marawa

    Once Again, SpaceX Delays the Launch of Starlink

    The first large batch of SpaceX internet satellites will have to wait for one more…
    3 days ago | By Jason Amato

    UK Scientists Will Develop a New Medication to Stop Growth of Cancer Cells

    Some top UK scientists claim they would have a cure for cancer in the upcoming…
    4 days ago | By Jason Amato

    Federal Judge Ordered FDA to Start Reviewing Electronic Cigarettes Present in the U.S. Market

    On Wednesday, a federal judge ordered the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to accelerate its…
    7 days ago | By Stefen Marawa

    New Data Reveals Massive Rise of CO2 Levels in Earth’s Atmosphere

    Rapidly increasing population and human activities are severely affecting Earth and its atmosphere. Besides, increased…
    1 week ago | By Stefen Marawa

    Jeff Bezos Exposed New Plans for Blue Origin’s Blue Moon Lunar Lander

    On Thursday Amazon CEO and founder of Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos, has introduced his company’s…
    1 week ago | By Jason Amato

    Walmart Published Its Annual Report Revealing Amazing Salary of Managers

    On Wednesday Walmart has released its annual Environmental, Social & Governance report. It consists of…
    1 week ago | By Stefen Marawa

    Scientists from Michigan University Found That Paper Wasps Reveal Logical Reasoning Behavior

    A new study by the University of Michigan offers the first ever proof of transitive…
    2 weeks ago | By Jordan Hayes

    Microsoft Will Deliver a Full, Open Source Linux Kernel on Windows 10

    Future versions of Windows 10 will have a real Linux Kernel along with significantly better…
    2 weeks ago | By Stefen Marawa

    Scientists Found a Thousand-Year-Old Pouch Having a Bundle of Hallucinogenic Drugs

    An outstanding finding of a one-thousand-year-old bag in southwestern Bolivia has exposed traces of various…