Mans settlement will be in space

Man’s ‘settlement’ will be in space


Jeff Bezos thinks that one day a human baby will be born in space. According to one of the world’s richest people, a colony will be formed in space in the future. From there, people can easily travel around the world, just like people go to Yellowstone National Park.

At a recent event in Washington, DC, Jeff Bezos expressed his belief. He also named the possible space colony — O’Neill Space Colony.

According to Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, people will build giant cylinders in space after a few centuries, according to the UK tabloid Daily Star. Rivers, forests and even wild environments will be created in them. These cylinders will be the abode of millions of people. Where there is no rain, there will be no risk of earthquakes.

Blue Origin is a spacecraft manufacturer. The company presented the idea of ​​establishing a colony in space in 2019. Referring to that, Jeff Bezos said, “In a few centuries, many people will be born into space, which will be their first home. They will live there and travel the world, just as you would in Yellowstone National Park. ‘

In 1966, Princeton physicist Gerard O’Neill first proposed the idea of ​​establishing a colony in space. In his memory, Jeff Bezos named O’Neill Space Colony a possible colony in space.

Gerard O’Neill thought that no other planet outside the Earth would be suitable for human habitation. Jeff Bezos agrees. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Mars. In that case, 100 to 200 crore people could easily go there. ‘However, Jeff Bezos thinks that such a transformation of Mars is very challenging.

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