What is local SEO and why does your company need it?


If you have a business or physical store and you don’t know what local SEO is, you will miss out on a golden opportunity to get more users.

In this article, you will learn what local SEO is and how to improve your Google My Business listing to better position your business for a local audience. For local seo, you can check many outlines of different SEO Companies and SEO long Island is one of them that provides the Local SEO.


Local SEO (Local Search Engine Optimization) focuses on providing relevant results to your current location-based search engine. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services focus on providing relevant results to your current location-based search engine.
Several factors help target your local audience by getting better rankings in search engines.

This type of search is mainly done on Google, the most used search engine, although other local services like Bing Locations, Yelp, Apple Maps, etc. 

In recent years, with the increasing use of smartphones when we are away from home, local SEO has gained a lot of power.

For example, if we are in Barcelona and we search for “Hamburger Bar Barcelona”, Google shows us the three most relevant and best hamburger locations for search queries. This field, made up of maps and three businesses, is called “Local Pack” (Local Snack Pack).

According to one study, 33% of user clicks go to local business results (local packages), and 40% organic results.

Ideally, you should improve our website to appear in both listings, local packages, and organic results you can hire SEO Company to improve your website rankings in the Top Search Engines.

You have noticed that the information displayed in these lists is different from the organic results. For example, we can see opening times, ratings, photos, etc. All of this information displayed on local packages comes from Google My Business.


This is your company’s profile on Google. It used to be known as Google + Local, even Google+ Local.

Google My Business is critical to the business; it transmits information to various locations, including local package and Google Maps search results. The look you see most is the module in the top right of the desktop or the top of the mobile when we are on the search results page for a brand or business.

Local business profiles in Google My Business allow you to add a large amount of information about your business, such as company details, address, telephone, hours, events, photos, etc.

But there are some critical aspects of your Google My Business listing. It helps improve your business position, reviews, questions, and answers, in short, the customer experience with your business.


1- Find your website

You also include the name of your city and province. If your business is only in Barcelona, ​​it’s a good idea to include the city in your page goals and list.

2- Local SEO strategy

It is recommended that before starting to fill in the meta titles and meta descriptions as well as the contents of the web page, pre-analyze the keywords. This previous task will allow you to find out which keywords are best for better local positioning.

3- Registration in local directories

It is also advisable to have your business presence in local directories or the same field. The fact that you are included in these directories will help you improve your search rankings as you may have added the business name, and at the same time, help your potential clients find your business or get help with San Diego Seo Expert. It is essential always to use and write contact information in the same way (same name, same address, and same telephone number that is available on your company’s website).

4- Create or claim your file in Google My Business

If your business doesn’t have a page in Google My Business, now is the time. If not, the competition will pass you by. Your business may have a Google My Business file, but it does not have an administrator, in which case you have to claim your file and give them access. They have to get it.

  1. Have a presence on Google Maps

As we have seen before, most searches on the Internet are from mobile phones, and the results are based on geographic location. Depending on the amount of business information and related content, Google Maps can highlight your business. Don’t forget that local businesses with a map appear at the top of Google’s organic results.

6- Review arrangements

Reviews are critical in Google My Business; they provide search engines with a lot of information about your product or service quality. The number of impressions you receive, the quality of comments, and the authority of self-review sites are also essential factors in local search rankings.

7- Arranging questions and answers

Don’t forget to answer the questions users ask in your Google My Business listings. Users want to be heard, and Google knows this, which is why Google places so much weight on users’ comments.

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