Introduction into SEO

Market Research Technology

Keyword Research

The basic point of doing this is to allow a business to workout what they need to rank for such as if you have a tiny budget trying to rank for insurance is bad idea and does not work since you need many thousands worth of Dollars to be able to rank for one of the most competitive keywords in the world since it could easily make a company over $100,000 sales per month for why so many firms would want to try and rank for this sort of keyword.

Long Tail keywords mean three or more words for example like this “The best Dog” if you rank for this you could make some money but not as much as like ranking for say dog or best dogs normally for why long tail keywords are normally only done by people with no low budgets or ranking to rank for quick wins to give them traffic  showing up on say Ahrefs or make a little money from things like Adsense .

Why are Backlinks so important?

A lot of people claim you know Backlinks don’t work or Google sees them as unimportant which is wrong I would agree Google has many other Ranking factors now but they are very a very important ranking factor for example lets say you have 5000 word article covering topic which is world-class quality it could easily rank for nothing without backlinks even if its approved by say a Doctor meaning to fix that problem we need to do some link building the main types we need on a starter site include this

  • Directory
  • Profile
  • Web 2.0
  • Social media
  • Forum

Once that is done right and unique as much as possible we need some guest posts which come from sites that rank for at least 100 keywords to give us a good chance to rank for more keywords or any keywords if the site is new so use the data you get from Semrush to make better linkbuilding choices when possible to boost your sales or traffic per month since SEO is a very a competitive area to workout of overall.

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