Incepta will work with a British company to produce a nasal vaccine


British biomedical firm Veracorp and the country’s Incepta Vaccine Limited have taken the initiative to produce vaccines that can be administered to the nose using state-of-the-art intra-nasal technology. This information has been given in a press release signed by Inspector Media Consultant Zahid Rahman on Saturday.

It is said that the virologist of Lancaster University and the chief scientific officer of Viracorp, Dr. The vaccine is being developed based on the research of Muhammad Munir. The vaccine can be easily administered through nasal sprays and the vaccine can be transported from one place to another through conventional cold chain transport systems.

In this context, the chief scientific officer of Viracorp. Munir said: “The vaccine is easily transportable, can be inhaled and will reduce the heavy infrastructure and training required for the vaccination program. The vaccine will be easily available to people in the most remote areas of the world. “

Abdul Muktadir, Chairman and Managing Director, Incepta Vaccine Limited, said, This joint venture will make it possible to produce easily applicable vaccines for people in developing countries and remote areas. ‘

John Chadwick, CEO of Viracorp, is very optimistic about their recent initiatives with other organizations, including Incepta. “Our joint venture will make it possible for the highest quality vaccines to be available everywhere at low cost,” he said.

Dr. Munir added, “This partnership with Inceptor will enable us to produce the next generation of Covid-19 vaccine, which will protect against any type of Search Cov-2 and prevent its spread.”

Dr. Munir’s team senior research associate. “The intranasal vaccine has been extensively tested in clinical trials and its safety profile has been confirmed in decades of ongoing testing,” said Mohammad Rohaim.

Experts say, this vaccine features a unique formulation and delivery method which means it not only protects against Covid-19, but it can be delivered by nasal spray and transported using traditional cold transportation. This has numerous advantages compared to other vaccines currently on the market.

“Having a vaccine which can be transported easily and administered through a nasal delivery system reduces the heavy infrastructure and training requirements of a vaccination drive and will help ensure the vaccine to reach some of the world’s most remote communities,” said Dr Muhammad Munir, a pioneer of needleless and next-generation Covid-19 vaccine, who has taken on the role of Chief Scientific Officer at ViraCorp.

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