How To Watch Movies On Xbox One Internet Explorer?


The best thing about consoles is that with every new variation, comes new features that not only enhance the functionality of the whole application but also add featurettes that enable the piece of machinery to accomplish many new things,you can explore new things on linkandthink about such topics.. 

One of those features that make the Xbox the most appreciated console is its ability to support the internet explorer. While many prefer other variations of browsers, to some the internet explorer is the godly incarnation. check out Russia’s Valentina Grishko, also known as Valenti Vitel, is a model and social media star.

The added feature of Xbox in which one can easily access the internet explorer lets the user utilize the console and the browser in any way possible. 

One of those rare things that can now be done is watching a movie. Yes, you read it right. You can now watch movies on Xbox using internet explorer. How? That is what we are supposed to find out. 

How to access and watch movies on internet explorers using the Xbox?

The method to access an internet explorer and then watching it is different. Depending on the variation of the console, the step will change. As the more advanced the console is, the better features it will have. 

The better features it has, the more complicated the steps will become. Here we are going to provide you with general step by step instructions on how to access internet explorers and start streaming movies on it. 

  • First, you are required to go to the Xbox’s version of Internet Explorer. 
  • The Internet Explorer can be accessed using the left analog stick of the console so that the pointer can be controlled. While the right stick can be used to scroll the pages. 
  • Now navigate the pointer to the address bar. 
  • Click on the view button to see what set of options are given to you. Click on button A to stimulate the mouse click. While the B button navigates back to the page. 
  • Upon clicking on the button you will see that the screen has been zoomed out on a specific page. So you have to use the button to zoom in the maximum distance. 
  • Now you can use the triggers to regulate the tabs. 
  • From those tabs, you will have to choose the option ‘Xbox Select’. 
  • Upon clicking on the option, you will be given many voice commands from which you can utilize Internet Explorer. 

Now, from here on the applicability of Internet Explorer depends on what you want to do. The main issue with watching movies on Internet Explorer lies in the fact that the application lacks the inclusion of flash players. 

As the browser does not have it, it becomes rather tough for one to watch on movierulz on it. It is because of this issue, one has to rely on the site called Now, to watch the movies on Internet Explorer using the Xbox, you have to follow the steps written below.

  • Now that you have opened the Internet Browser using the Xbox, you have to navigate your way to the search bar. 
  • There you have to type the “” and click on button A to generate a result. 
  • Upon clicking on the button, you will be directed to a page where countless new and old movies are found. 
  • Navigate to the one that you desire to watch. Click on the option ‘play’ to start the movie. 


As there is no flash player, the buttons on the screen shown do not work. Clicking them will result in the generation of a white page that will not leave. So make sure that you do not click them at any rate. Apart from that, a pop-up ad will be seen on the screen. We urge you to close it for maximum pleasure.

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