Top 3 Emulators for PUBG mobile in 2021


Nowadays, the craze for playing online games is rising rapidly. The rapid growth of interest  towards virtuality is leading to the investment of one’s quality time for gaming. If you prefer  to play on the big screen, playing different games will lead to a better gameplay experience.  

One of the best explorations in the virtual world is to play mobile games on a PC. But how to  execute this idea, as many games support only a specific operating system or device? It is  possible to gain access to those games on the system, that it cannot support, with the available  emulators. 

Emulators allow you to run any program on different systems, even if it does not support it. It  acts as a bridge that makes an easy way to the different operating systems and devices. If you  want to play games that support only a MacBook, then emulators can act as a survivor for you  to run that game on your Windows laptop.  

Enhancement of the device can also be stimulated as emulators allow you to run an old game  designed for CRT televisions on a high-resolution screen. In this article, we will be  discussing the best emulators for the PUBG Game in 2021. To get in-depth knowledge,  you must go through the information further. 

Emulators for PUBG 

PUBG mobile is an action game that can be played with multiple players. The theme of this  game is based on fighting on battlegrounds with stranger participants. This game has a  large fan base and is very famous among the gaming freaks. To play this game on different  

operating systems or devices you can use some of the best emulators listed below for a better  gaming experience. 

1. Gameloop

This Gaming Buddy created by Tencent is also the developer of the PUBG game that is  specially invented as an emulator for this game. You can run it even on a low-end Windows  PC. The developers have made PUBG for PC as well, but it costs money for purchasing. The  emulators can avail all the paid features for free of cost. 

This emulator helps you to connect with 400 million people while playing, whereas many  emulators just allow you to connect with people using the same emulator. Requirements from the device: 

  • CPU- Core-i3 or AMD 2.6 GHz 
  • RAM 4GB 
  • Operating System- Windows 10, 8, 8.1 and 7 
  • 1GB free device storage 

The installation process of Gameloop: 

  • Visit the website we are suggesting from where you can get a direct link to download the  EXE file click here.
  • After clicking on the download link, it will start download automatically. 
  • Install the EXE file on your PC by clicking on the install button.
  • Open the emulator and the game will be downloaded automatically and then you can enjoy  playing. 
  • Regular updates will be made available to you for better service of the game.

2. Nox Player

This emulator is the best android emulator for windows and Mac. It holds the only motive of  allowing players to play games for free. It supports the game as well as the hardware without  any technical disruption. It allows customization of settings and adjustment of the quality of  

the graphics that may differ when you will play on different screens with different  resolutions. 

Initially, you may face some issues with this emulator but later you will get comfortable with  it and realize why it’s called the best emulator. 

Requirements from the device: 

  • Operating system- Windows XP, 7,8,10 
  • AMD dual-core processor or Intel CPU 
  • 1.5 GB RAM 
  • GPU- Open GL2.0 plus 

The installation process of Nox Player: 

  • You will get the link for downloading this emulator on its official site, just click on download. Install the file on your device. 
  • You will see the play store app on the screen when you will open Nox Player. When you will open the Google store it will ask you to log in with your id and password. Now, search for PUBG game on Nox Player and enjoy the game. 

3. Bluestacks

This emulator is the most popular android emulator that allows running PUBG games using it  for free. It has a balanced quality that has a combination of power, graphics, and processing  features. It is the most favourable emulator for PC and provides smooth functioning of the  software. It is enough to play high-graphics games but requires good specs for PC. It is the  most trusted platform for playing PUBG on PC. 

The installation process of Bluestacks: 

  • Download the file from its official website or you can search on google. 
  • Install the app, after downloading its file, by clicking on the install button. Search for the Play store on the screen of the downloaded app. 
  • It will ask for a login id and password, cooperate with the system. 
  • Search for PUBG game on the app after logging in. 
  • Download and install PUBG on your device. 
  • Enjoy your gaming time. 

Questions frequently asked –

  1. Is it easy to play PUBG on Emulator? 

Ans – Players playing on PUBG Emulator have an advantage of huge display and better  performance with PC chipset. Playing with Emulator adds an advantage to the players by  giving controls on keyboards and mouse. 

  1. Is 4GB RAM enough for PUBG Emulator? 

Ans – It can be enough but has some chances of screen lagging, so it is advised to use at least  8 GB RAM for this game. 

  1. How to fix the PUBG game lag on Emulator? 

Ans – Game lag on Emulator can be fixed by following steps -: 

Change the memory option to half of the memory you have in your system. Just select the Gaming Resolution to “SD 720p” and Display option to “Smooth” 

  1. Which are the best 5 Emulators for PUBG 

Ans – The best 5 Emulators for PUBG are -: 

  • Tencent Gaming Buddy 
  • Bluestags 
  • Android Studio 
  • Samsung link to  
  • Windows 
  • NOX Player 
  1. Which is the Official PUBG Emulator? How to install it? 

Ans – Tencent Gaming Buddy is the official PUBG Emulator as seen in 2021 till date. You can install it by following such steps -: 

  • Go to the Tencent Buddy Gaming website 
  • Download and install the EXE file on your Windows PC 
  • Open the emulator, it will automatically download the required files 

Now you can start playing the game with the help of a mouse and keyboard on a big screen 

Conclusion -: 

While playing with the emulator, players has the advantage of better and lag-free gameplay.  Playing PUBG on Emulator is easier because it provides a big screen, PC controls, and a  smooth satisfying game. 

There are many emulators present out there in the market. You can choose according to your  PC specifications. 

The emulator provides better FPS, better control, better graphics, and everything you need for  a great experience. The emulator is safe because an Anti – Cheat engine was added recently  which prevents hacking and many other illegal activities. 

At the end of this article, I would conclude by suggesting you use the emulators for your  better gaming experience without any fear.

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