How to Save Money Easily No Matter How Much You Earn


Forget about prejudices and be clear! Here we explain how to save money easily, it does not matter if you earn a lot or a little. It is a matter of commitment and firmness!

Do you think that saving money is impossible because your salary is not what you want? If the answer is affirmative, I inform you that you are in error. The habit of saving is for everyone and practicing it will bring multiple benefits to your pocket, your personal finances and those of your family. Read on and find out how to save money easily, with methods that anyone can carry out, from the smallest at home to the largest.

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Since we explain the importance of saving, it is time to expose the simplest methods to save money. There are two types, formal and informal savings. The first involves management by a financial institution and is rated as more secure. The second is limited to the management of money by the individual, generally consists of saving cash and is considered unsafe.

Formal Methods to Save Money

Banks, savings banks and financial institutions allow you to open savings accounts with no minimum amount or commissions for opening. They even admit minimum monthly savings from 50 and 100 pesos.

Savings bank at sight

Custody of your money is transferred to a bank, the risks of the money being stolen, lost or deteriorated are eliminated. The account holder will receive in compensation a sum of money or interest, since he is leaving his money to the bank and the bank can give it other uses, without the client losing the possibility of having the funds at any time.

Term savings goal

Savings account which does not allow the funds to be freely disposed of until a specified period is completed. It is worth mentioning that the interest rates paid for these accounts are higher than those of a savings account.

Micro saving

It is usually made by low-income people and is characterized by being made periodically in small amounts.

Checking account

It is where the custody of the money is transferred to the bank and can be made available at any time. Interest is not regularly received on deposited funds, but in some cases interest is paid. This saving method allows access to the checkbook.

Informal Ways to Save Money

Although experts rate informal savings methods as unsafe, they are also smart alternatives to save easily and easily.

Challenge of the 52 weeks

It is an ideal method to start it at the beginning of the year (although it can actually be carried out from any date). It consists

of saving $ 10 the first week, the next $ 20, the third 30 and so on, within the next 52 weeks.

Challenge of the $ 10 and the bottle

It consists of filling a 2.5-liter bottle of soda with 10-peso coins. According to the calculations of some experts, filling this bottle with 10 coins will save you around $ 10,000.

Now you know, with these simple methods you can save money easily and without committing a lot of money. You will also have money to go on vacation, invest or acquire a good or product without seeing your personal finances harmed.

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