Rohit Jaiswal

How Rohit Jaiswal Uses Exclusivity To Enhance His Business


When someone considers ‘traditional’ medical practice, images of a friendly doctor in a neighbourhood guiding families through their medical issues spring to mind. Recently, cosmetic plastic surgery has been increasingly recognized as effective to improve wellbeing if performed correctly and safely. The world of cosmetic surgery is now so developed that some follow the majority, and others are innovating their own methods to satisfy clientele.

Dr. Rohit Jaiswal (@drjvegas) is the Head Plastic Surgeon at Atelier Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas and believes that everyone can see the benefits of cosmetic procedures as everyone has the desire to enhance their appearance in some way. As a trailblazer in his locality and industry, he can identify and avoid potentially harmful trends toward unqualified and uninformed cosmetic surgery, which leave patients unsatisfied and his reputation harmed by association. In an attempt to improve perceptions, Atelier attempts to subvert standard practice by only selecting patients who are right for a procedure.

While others in the sphere may consider it a formality, Jaiswal believes in the importance of placing his abilities at the centre of his surgery’s offering. The qualifications he achieved during his time in education are comprehensive, mirroring the diversity of procedures on offer at Atelier. Jaiswal attended the University of California as an undergraduate and received a medical degree from The Ohio State University College of Medicine before completing six years of plastic and reconstructive surgery training. Now in receipt of a hard-earned certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Jaiswal believes dedicated training from the outset produces the best outcomes, in contrast to the route taken by others in the industry.

The exclusivity with which it approaches patients is instrumental in Atelier’s success. As opposed to attracting all interested in cosmetic surgery, the clinic only accepts new clients if referred by another patient. When an individual is lucky enough to find themselves on the patient list, Jaiswal aims to provide five-star hotel-calibre service to bring Atelier in line with Las Vegas’ known proficiency in hospitality.

As global commerce shifts due to new technology and cosmetic practices develop, Jaiswal is keen to keep his clinic in a constant state of evolution. Atelier is the only plastic surgery practice in Las Vegas to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, placing it firmly on the cutting-edge of local surgeries. Jaiswal himself is one of the few practitioners to have a familiarity with the potential the metaverse holds.

“We will continue to refine our practice,” Jaiswal outlines. “Our results will be critically analysed and improved, any mistakes will be corrected, and each surgery should be better than the previous one—that is our goal.”

Bucking profit-inspired industry trends allows Atelier Plastic Surgery to utilise exclusivity in a manner unlike any other. Taking on all patients has the potential to limit the quality of outcomes, but Rohit Jasiwal can ensure all procedures are unparalleled positive experiences through his bespoke selectiveness.

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