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Rehman Sobhan’s name is closely associated with the history of Bangladesh. He is a leading figure in the establishment of the state called Bangladesh. It can be said that his writing activities are all in one thread; Whose goal is the welfare of this nation.

Rehman Sobhan’s main achievement is to make the nation aware of the two economies during the Pakistan period. It is said that the first to write about the economic inequality in the two regions of Pakistan. M. Khaleq. He wrote a critique of Pakistan’s first five-year plan, drawing attention to it. He raised this issue along with other issues. But that is what became the main issue. Rehman Sobhan presents the issue of two economies very nicely. His thought -provoking essay From the Economy to the Nation is very popular among the common and wise society . Through this, people became aware of the inequality that exists between the two parts of Pakistan.

Rehman Sobhan has done a lot of work abroad in forming public opinion in favor of the liberation war of Bangladesh. On the advice of Rehman Sobhan, the Government of Bangladesh formed the Planning Cell in 1981, which later became the Planning Commission. In other words, Rehman Sobhan informed Tajuddin Ahmed during the war of liberation that it was necessary to plan for the future of the country. Tajuddin Ahmed acknowledged this and took the initiative to form a planning cell.

Since independence, he has served as a member of the newly formed Planning Commission. Rehman Sobhan also had a big role behind the nationalization of resources by the government. However, he was criticized for failing to nationalize. Rehman Sobhan and Mozaffar Ahmed wrote a book about this and they show that the failure of nationalized industries is not so much a failure in the real sense of the word. It also has many successes. And the fact that the industry failed, leaving it to private ownership, shows that the real estate has been sold at a much lower price than the value of the industry. That is, the story of this failure has political-economic significance. That is why a class of politicians and economists always spread the story of its failure. Needless to say, Rehman Sobhan has been searching for this political-economic theory all his life.

For a long time after independence, Bangladesh was dependent on foreign loans. The lion’s share of the development budget came from foreign loans. But Rehman Sobhan writes that this foreign dependence does not allow a country to stand on its own two feet. He said that these lenders unjustly influence the policy making of the country. They cover the condition with the loan. He said that these activities of the lenders are detrimental to the development of the domestic economy. That is why he has written for liberal trade and market liberalization. Rehman Sobhan played a strong role in forming opinion in the country on these issues. He has written books on the political-economics of aid.

After independence, Bangabandhu’s advisory economists, including Rehman Sobhan, joined the Planning Commission. Everyone knows its subsequent history. At one point they were forced to leave the Planning Commission. Rehman Sobhan went abroad. Many at that time said that they had abandoned Bangabandhu; Again many said that Bangabandhu had given up something, as a result of which they were forced to give up him. That discussion will continue in history.

Bangabandhu and his family were killed. Rehman Sobhan returned to the country and joined BIDS in 1986. He was on the research council of BIDS, then he was also the director ge

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