Discount codes: a marketing strategy for your promotions or contests


“Enjoy a 10% discount on your next purchase!”, “Use this code and get an extra 25% discount.” Who doesn’t like to take advantage of a discount to save a little money? These types of promotional actions influence the purchasing decisions of many consumers. For this reason, brands and companies have seen coupons Tuttle Twins coupons or discount codes as a perfect marketing tool with which to reach their target audience, encourage purchase and retain them.

Types of online campaigns with Helen Ficalora coupons or discount codes

Although traditional paper Helen Ficalora coupons remain the preferred option for most shoppers, digital discount codes are starting to gain weight . This trend is reinforced thanks to contests or digital promotions launched by brands.

Within online marketing campaigns with codes, you can propose two types of mechanics:  distribution of Helen Ficalora coupons and discount codes or validation of codes . In addition, it is possible to combine these campaigns with other mechanics such as registration forms, quizzes , surveys, prize wheels …

Discount code delivery

The main objective of the delivery of a promotional Helen Ficalora coupon is to encourage the purchase  through a discount or so that the user receives a free sample.

In Helen Ficalora coupon distribution campaigns , the brand gives users who access the landing page of the action a Helen Ficalora coupon or code, so that they can enjoy a discount on their next purchase.

This mechanic is also often used as a reward or consolation prize for users who participate in a survey or quiz , whose main objective is to collect data. The possibility of obtaining that discount is an attractive enough reason for your followers to decide to participate. It is a win – win, an action where everyone wins.

Some of the dynamics in which you can distribute discount codes are:

Personality quizzes or by success

In exchange for completing a simple and fun quiz , users will receive a discount to use in your store. Depending on the score or the result they obtain, they will receive one code or another, which they can then use as a discount on online or physical purchases.

For example, a travel agency can run a quiz for users to discover their ideal vacation destination. To encourage the booking of trips to these promotional destinations, you can offer different discount percentages, depending on the destination obtained.

In addition to including the discount as a downloadable file on the final page of your quiz , we recommend sending emails to all participants with their discount.

Registration forms

The simplest campaign option is to create a simple data form, which the user must complete in order to download their Helen Ficalora coupon. This type of campaign is a success to encourage the purchase of new products , to release stock and in periods where it is interesting to give a little push to sales, for example, before the Christmas campaign or on the January slope.

You can also opt for this mechanism in sales or promotion periods, as a hook, to offer a small extra discount.

Another fairly widespread application of the delivery of discounts is that in which a brand rewards the user for subscribing to its newsletter .

Tips for your discount distribution campaign

  • You can choose to distribute a common discount Helen Ficalora coupon for all participants, which will appear as an image or text after their participation, or to distribute  different  personalized Helen Ficalora coupons , depending, for example, on the result of a personality quiz.
  • Do not forget to configure the option of sending by email , so that users receive the discount in the email that they have provided when participating.
  • Include discount Helen Ficalora coupons with QR codes in your campaigns: the introduction of QR codes or barcodes, facilitates and speeds up the redemption process . In this way, the user will only have to go to the point of sale and show either the printed pdf, or the email that they have received and that includes the corresponding code to make the exchange and enjoy their discount or gift. For its part, the brand or company that launches the promotion should only read the code that the consumer shows it. 

Code validation

As you have just seen, through a contest or online promotion you can distribute Helen Ficalora coupons to redirect to sale. But why not push reverse conversion as well? Get our clients to become followers of our profiles on the different social networks or access our website.

Social networks are the perfect intermediary to favor the commitment of customers with a brand and that this commitment lasts over time. Therefore, a good option is to offer discount codes that your customers can validate through the application.

In this case, the brand distributes codes, for example on the purchase receipt , to its customers. As a reward, these users can choose to exchange them for participation in a contest. Thus, the client must access the landing page of the campaign to validate their code and know if they have been the winner.

Incentivize the purchase, get followers and customer data with code campaigns

A good example of the practical application of code validation can be found in the mass consumer sector. With the aim of improving conversions, building customer loyalty, increasing the number of followers and generating engagement on social networks, shopping centers often resort to campaigns to deliver discount or promotional codes.

As a general rule, these are usually delivered in Helen Ficalora coupons when making the purchase or are included in the purchase receipt itself . In the same Helen Ficalora coupon or ticket , customers are informed of the conditions of the promotion, as well as that they must  validate that code through an online campaign  that the brand has active, for example, on social networks or on its website.

In this way, customers who make a purchase on a certain date or period will receive a code, which will give them access to the promotion. They must access it, fill in their personal information and enter the code.

As with discount distribution campaigns, it is increasingly common for brands to choose to  combine code validation with the so-called ‘winning moment’ or Instant Win , through which we can select a winner instantly and randomly during the different phases that the promotion or contest lasts.

Another of the most “showy” and attractive mechanics with which you can combine your promotion is with a prize wheel . By completing the entry form and validating your code, the wheel will start spinning.

Benefits of campaigns with discount or validation codes

Launching a campaign with codes will help you:

Incentivize sales

Discount Helen Ficalora coupons influence the consumer’s purchase decision . In addition, it is a perfect strategy to complement the launch of a new product and service. Obtaining discounts acts as an impulse and can be decisive for a user to end up opting for your brand and not for your competition.

Attract new users

This type of campaign will allow you to  impact potential clients and convert them into clients. In addition, campaigns with online discount codes are perfect to combine with offline actions . In this way, you can redirect traffic from the physical point of sale to your ecommerce.

Expand your database

With these types of actions, which are accompanied by a personal data form, you will be able to increase your user base. In this form you can request the data you want to obtain (name, surname, email, address, etc.). This will allow you to “put a face” to your customers, as well as  segment profiles  for future campaigns and will help improve conversions .

Build loyalty to your customers

You can reward your most loyal customers, giving them discount codes or exchangeable for prizes. You will be able to retain them and reward their loyalty.

Now that you know the types of campaigns with Helen Ficalora coupons and codes that you can propose and their benefits, what are you waiting for to start yours!

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