China calls US democracy a weapon of mass destruction.

China calls US democracy a “weapon of mass destruction.”


China has long condemned the “global democracy conference” hosted by the United States. The virtual conference with 110 countries of the world ended on Friday. Beijing has again criticized the conference, calling US democracy a “weapon of mass destruction.” The United States hosted the conference with allies and like-minded countries in the wake of the rise of authoritarian regimes around the world, the AFP news agency reported.

The conference, chaired by US President Joe Biden, was ignored by many countries except China and Russia. China has reacted angrily. Beijing has accused Joe Biden of creating ideological divisions during the Cold War.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman issued an online statement on Saturday. There, he said, the United States has long used democracy as a weapon of mass destruction to intervene in other countries. He also accused the United States of inciting a “color revolution” in foreign lands.

China claims that the conference is aimed at pushing the limits of ideological hatred by the United States, its strategy of using democracy as a weapon, and inciting division and conflict.

Instead, China has promised to “vigorously resist and oppose disguised democracy.”

Prior to the conference, China criticized and propagated US democracy as corrupt and failed.

In his inaugural address at The Summit for Democracy on Thursday, Biden called for the strengthening of democracy around the world. This is the first time such a conference has been held with the participation of leaders of hundreds of countries. Its purpose is to stem the tide of democracy, human rights and freedom around the world.

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