Black Education – Bill Cosby, Thank You


Currently, the kennedy center venerated bill cosby, giving him the mark twain prize for american humor. Chris rock made a joke about being able to experience same inside the presence of united states track legend willie nelson, but while within the presence of bill cosby, rock said that cosby permit him understand that cosby became the elder and deserving of commiserate admire. My mind must have processed something approximately having visible this clip due to the fact i awakened with a revelation approximately invoice cosby, what he seems to represent to black education, black humans and why he appears constantly to get into trouble with us. Allow me explain. First, i’ve to speak about dr. Carter g. Woodson, the daddy of black records month. He started out negro history week, trying to establish a tradition, ensuring that black human beings might choice to learn more approximately themselves. The trouble is that one of the many history books he wrote is now being broadly read — the mis-schooling of the negro, written in 1933. This ebook became a response to what co-founder of the naacp and renaissance guy dr. W. E. B. Du bois called, “the proficient tenth.”

in step with du bois, the talented tenth, the top ten percent of educated black human beings, would lead the relaxation of the race to liberation from the tyranny and impunity of yankee lynching, race riots, segregation and discrimination. These days, but, participants of the gifted tenth, like cosby, constitute, not liberation, however assimilation. On the grounds that black humans nevertheless are looking for liberation, in particular from police brutality and homicide, imprisonment, and now, the ever-encroaching white backlash for the obama management, woodson’s the mis-education of the negro has resurfaced. Woodson’s e-book posits that western education turned into designed especially to raise the white race as supreme to all races and to break all other cultures, labeling them as inferior with unique emphasis on the black race. This emphasis is shown in the bad — enhancing out of all texts the whole contribution to the world of black humans. In western education, woodson says, blacks are handiest mentioned to “prove” black “inferiority”. Any cursory glance at western textbooks from woodson’s time period, 1933, could effortlessly demonstrate what woodson says. Despite the fact that, today, special efforts to say black humans and other peoples of colour are made, their contributions to world development, specifically those of africans, are not cited or they may be not placed in their proper contexts. Dr. Woodson advocated that black human beings observe themselves first after which study others. He recommended ways to heal the wounds of this forget and mis-education. Additionally, he prophesied what could appear if black humans endured to study western education without first developing an knowledge of themselves, no longer just as people, however as africans.

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