A University Without Professors? A New Form Of Online Education


The college professor is an organization unto himself, and that i’m sure all of us have the following photo (or similar) imagined when we speak them. Wild-haired. Erratic and obsessed. Tweed-carrying. And most of all, an suggestion for the scholars whom he/she teaches. It would come as a wonder, then, that the future of better education might not involve or want a professor as a father or mother of learning at all – and it can manifest sooner than we assume.

In an editorial in the l. A. Times, raja abdulrahim reports of plans by means of an israeli entrepreneur to set up an online schooling group with global reach, and at a low value, but supplying training via the usage of an unconventional ‘peer to see’ approach. The university of the humans, set up through shai rashef, will offer any prospective scholar the possibility to reap a diploma by blending open-source, unfastened direction material from mit, and a social networking framework to be able to serve to reason discussions between students as they examine – with the goal of preparing them for traditional assignments, checks, and final assessments.


In spite of rashef’s history and experience in the on-line mastering region (in the beyond he has chaired package e-mastering, and has labored for cramster), he has nonetheless been problem to some criticism for his plans. Michael lambert, from distance training and schooling council, factors out that every one loose learning tasks have failed inside the past, whilst john bourne from sloan consortium, shows that with out professors, ‘students often don’t understand when they want help.’

despite these issues that want to be addressed, the hobby has been overwhelming, and rightly so – to me, the idea seems totally logical. No matter having fond reminiscences of my college teachers, and ideas of the way the stereotypical “prof” need to be, those thoughts do appear decidedly dated. Nowadays, in conventional and e-getting to know institutions, more and more mastering is carried out independently and with a focus on primary and secondary research instead of lectures and so on. But, i do admit that the concept of a no-professor organization seems ordinary, but perhaps we just need to re-believe the role of teachers in future education. Instead of lecturing in a experience of giving records, they’ll want to behave as a guide in terms of assuring students the great approaches of which to research personally. I. E. Instead of being specialists in their discipline, they’ll well need to come to be specialists in gaining knowledge of itself.

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