11 people were shot and burnt to death

11 people were shot and burnt to death


Many in Myanmar have paid the price for their opposition to the junta. More than a thousand people have lost their lives in the country. This time new news came out. Reuters reports that 11 people have been shot and burned for opposing the junta government. Allegedly, the country’s army members carried out the killings.

The incident took place in a village in Myanmar’s Sagaing region. Locals say there have been attempts to burn many people there. Some of them are still alive.

An anti-junta militia was formed in the area after Myanmar’s military seized power on February 1. The security forces are fighting with these forces.

Several media outlets, including Myanmar Now, have released video footage of the incident. However, Reuters could not confirm the authenticity of these videos. A spokesman for the junta government was contacted to find out. He did not pick up the telephone. However, a volunteer relief worker working in the area said on condition of anonymity that the troops entered the village of Don Tao on Tuesday. The murder was carried out at 11 o’clock in the afternoon. He said the soldiers killed whoever they found in front. However, he could not confirm whether the dead were militia members or civilians.

Xiao Unna, a member of the militia’s People’s Defense Force, confirmed the army’s attack on Don Tao village. He said he had heard that army members had entered the village and opened fire.

Meanwhile, the British media BBC reported that 13 people were killed in this village. 11 of them have been burnt. Among those killed were six adult males and five teenagers.

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