Students of various schools and colleges took to the streets of Dhaka on Thursday to demand justice for the murder of Notre Dame College student Naeem Hasan.

Notre Dame student killed: Who is the real driver of the car


The Dhaka South City Corporation’s garbage truck, which crushed Notre Dame College student Naeem Hasan, was assigned to driver Iran Mia. But he allowed Harun Mia, a cleaner, to drive the car illegally. Harun Mia has hired Abdur Razzak, another cleaner of the company, as his partner to drive the car.

Police claimed that Russell Khan was driving the car at that time. Harun Mia has put Russell Khan in the driver’s seat. After the accident, Harun Mia fled the scene and moved to the Baitul Mukarram area of ​​the National Mosque. An hour later, he came to the city corporation and described the incident to an official.

Aaron Mia

About an hour after talking on his mobile phone, Harun Mia came to the officer’s room in Nagar Bhaban. Aaron Mia was very scared when he came to this officer’s room. Couldn’t speak. At that moment, Aaron Mia said, ‘Sir, my body is shaking, I can’t speak. I drank some water, ”said the City Corporation official, who had earlier asked Harun Mia how the incident had happened. He then described the incident. However, the official said that Harun Mia did not go out of the room to drink water.

Another source told Prothom Alo that there were three outside workers in the car, including Russell. The other two are Rabbani and Billal. These three are not permanent or temporary employees of the City Corporation. There are also incidents of giving steering wheel to outsiders by breaking the rules.

The company’s transport department is responsible for allocating vehicles under South City and fixing the driver. On the day of the incident, Bipul Chandra Biswas, general manager of the transport department, told Prothom Alo that Harun Mia was driving the car. However, when he went to say the name of Harun Mia, he said Harun Aur Rashid.The main driver of this car (heavy) is Iran Mia.

None of the three people who used to drive Naeem Hassan’s car as a substitute driver have a license to drive heavy vehicles.

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