Vinicius is regularly seen in the Brazil team

Who wants Vincius PSG with 5 times salary next to Messi and Neymar?


PSG’s sports director Leonardo is playing “FIFA career mode” in real life. Didn’t get it – or why!

Leonardo has set up a star market in the PSG, just as many football video games can be bought at FIFA. Neymar, Killian Mbappe, Marco Verratti, Anhel de Mariara were all there, along with Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos in the PSG. Georgino Vinaldam, Ashraf Hakimi, Gianluigi Donnarumma have taken it!

Vinicius is in great rhythm in Real's jersey this time
Vinicius is in great rhythm in Real’s jersey this time

But now that the new buzz has spread, it may seem that PSG will not allow any other star in the other club to understand! On the one hand, while rumors are circulating in the media about Mbopp’s move to Real Madrid from PSG, a new rumor has spread that PSG wants to take Real’s Brazilian winger Vinicius Jr. for almost five times the salary!

The Spanish newspaper ABC’s Thomas Gonzalez Martin reported on PSG’s new demand today.

Vinicius’ current contract in Madrid will expire in 2024. Under the current deal, the 21-year-old Brazilian is said to have received a salary of 3.7 million euros this season. If the rumors are true, PSG is offering Vinicius a six-year contract with a salary of 18 million euros per season.

Vinicius is also playing great this season. Vinicius has scored 10 goals in 16 games this season, including the League and Champions League, and scored five more. Speed, dribbling is his special skill from the beginning of his career, this time Vinicius is sharp even in front of the goal post.

Vinicius, who joined Real’s main team in 2016, is still playing in Real’s first contract. Meanwhile, PSGO is trying to attract the Brazilian youth to the team. In that case, PSG will have to wait for the current contract of Real Vinicius to expire and he will not renew the contract.

However, Real fans have nothing to worry about. According to the ABC report, Real Madrid are not thinking much after hearing about PSG’s interest in Vinicius. Because, Vinicius himself has expressed his desire to stay at Real Madrid many times before and to move to a legendary position in the Spanish elite club.

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