What is the benefit of Bangladesh in the big victory against the relatively weak?


It is not a new thing for Bangladesh to score big goals against a relatively weak team in girls’ age based football. Today, the girls of Bangladesh advanced to the final of the tournament by defeating Sri Lanka 12-0 in the under-19 women’s saf at Birshreshtha Shaheed Sepahi Mostafa Kamal Stadium in Kamalapur.

Bangladesh forwards entered the Sri Lankan box without any resistance and scored a goal. The Sri Lankan goalkeeper scored a childish goal. Bangladesh center-back Afida Akhter also scored a hat-trick with a regular shot from 40 yards today.

Bangladesh has to give credit for the big victory. But the question is, what is the benefit of Bangladesh winning against such a weak team by scoring a goal? Going to play against a team of the same level, the team is losing. Bangladesh is playing this tournament with 15 players of national team. Bangladesh won 1-0 against India and India in a goalless draw. Bangladesh beat Bhutan 6-0 before conceding 12 goals to Sri Lanka.

What is the benefit of Bangladesh playing a match that came up in the press conference at the end of the match? Bangladesh coach Golam Rabbani said, “It must be in the game. Some teams will be weak, some strong. There are strong teams like India and Nepal. Playing with them has increased confidence. He was reflected in this match. ‘

Golam Rabbani credited the girls for the big win against Sri Lanka, saying, “First of all, the girls have to be thanked. Our expectation in this tournament was to give joy to the spectators. Today we needed to win. The finishing today is better than other matches. This is a good thing. ”Bangladesh will face India in the final on December 22. Golam Rabbani said that the finishing should be better in that match.

Sri Lanka have conceded a total of 26 goals in 4 matches in the tournament. Speaking about his team, Sri Lankan coach Manjula Chaminda said, “Bangladesh players are very experienced. There are good players in the team. My team is made up of school girls. In this region, Bangladesh and India are ahead in girls age group football. That is the proof. “

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