Video of a woman slapping a male passenger on a flight is viral


During the flight, a woman slapped a male passenger in the seat next to her. He has been arrested for this. He faces up to a year in prison and a fine of up to 100,000.

The incident took place on December 23 on a flight from Tampa to Atlanta, USA. Another passenger recorded the video of the fight between the two passengers. When he posted the video on Twitter, it went viral. NDTV has published a report on this subject quoting the New York Post, a US based media. It is said that the video, which was spread on Twitter, has already been viewed around one crore times.

The US Central Intelligence Agency (FBI) has arrested a woman for allegedly slapping a passenger on a seat during a scuffle. The incident took place on a private airline Delta Flight en route from Tampa to Atlanta in the United States. And when the video of the slapping was posted on Twitter, it went viral.
The video shows Patricia Cornwell going to the bathroom.

On his way back to his seat, he saw a box of drinks in front of the seat. Patricia Cornwell was outraged when the road to these was blocked. At this point one of the flight crew requested him to sit in an empty seat until the seat was vacated. Cornwell was furious and said, “Who am I, Rosa Parks?” African-American Rosa Parks is a role model for the human rights movement in the United States. When a white man asked him to leave his seat on a bus in 1955, he refused.

The male passenger in the seat next to him told Cornwell, “You’re not black, neither is Alabama.” And it’s not even a bus. ’The male passenger’s remark sparked a quarrel between the two. In the end, Patricia Cornwell jumped on the man and slapped him. The whole incident was videotaped by a passenger in the next seat.

As seen in the video, Cornwell tells the man to wear a mask. Although at this time his own mask was lowered under the chin. The man also shouted at Cornwell to wear a mask. At one point during the argument, the two crew members tried to stop Cornwell, but he slapped the man. Even then there was a heated exchange between the two. At one point, the two crew dragged Cornwell away. Patricia Cornwell was taken into FBI custody after the plane landed in Atlanta.

Police said in a statement that they had arrested Cornwell and contacted the FBI agent in charge, citing eyewitness accounts and evidence in video footage. Cornwell was taken to a local police station in Atlanta and handed over to the FBI.

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