Verstappen is also in the Olympic year


Another year on the way to the end — 2021. How was the farewell year at the stadium? Looking back, laughter-cry comes up, how many anecdotes of receiving-not receiving! This year-round is continuous with all that. Today there are other international games.

In 2020, like the rest of the world, the stadium also came to a standstill. Just as the world has slowly returned to normalcy with the coronavirus, so has the vibrancy in sports. Major competitions such as the 2020 Olympics, the Euros and the T20 World Cup had to be postponed. Doubts remained until the last minute as to whether the 2021 Summer Olympics, the world’s largest sporting event, could take place. But in the end, the Tokyo Olympics ended successfully in a spectator-free stadium without any major problems.

That Olympics did not give less drama gift. Just what the Olympics are; Tennis, Formula One, boxing, golf, almost all types of sports to say how many events! The world’s fastest human being to become the world’s fastest runner like Marcel Jacobs, Novak Djokovic’s Grand Slam winner sitting next to Federer-Nadal, Max Verstappen’s champion in the grand slam of the last Grand Prix lap of the year কত what a lifetime to remember!

As the Olympic year draws to a close, the anxiety is growing. Coronary heart disease is on the rise in Japan. However, Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka ignited the Olympic flame at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium on July 23. There was no shortage of thrills, though there was no general audience presence in the gallery.

Who knew the name of Marcel Jacobs in athletics before the Tokyo Olympics? Unknown Italian sprinter grabbed the title of the fastest man left by Usain Bolt. Jamaican star Elaine Thompson-Hera won the 100m and 200m doubles for the second time in a row in the girls’ sprint. Thompson-Hera also reminded the late Florence Griffith-Joyner of winning the 100m at the second best time in history. He has set two world records in Olympic athletics, both in the 400m hurdles. In the men’s division, Norway’s Carsten Warhome and in the women’s division, Sidney McLaughlin set two new Hurdles records.

Simon Byles, however, gave birth to the biggest discussion in the United States Olympics of Excellence. A female gymnast from the United States went to Tokyo to make a name for herself. But suffering from a mental illness called ‘Twistis’, Byles was forced to withdraw from several events at the last minute.

After winning the first three Wimbledon Grand Slams of the year after the Australian Open and the French Open, Novak Djokovic made his name on the record. The Serbian star won the 20th Grand Slam singles title of his career by winning Wimbledon. Djokovic sat next to two legends, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, in the Grand Slam victory. And winning a Grand Slam is history beyond Federer-Nadal.

Djokovic had the upper hand in winning the calendar Grand Slam, and even the Golden Slam, including Olympic gold. But not everything is in accordance with the script. Djokovic couldn’t either. The dream of the Golden Slam was shattered when they lost to Alexander Zverev of Germany in the semifinals of the Olympics. Not even the record for most Grand Slam wins. Djokovic lost to Russia’s Danil Medvedev in the final of the US Open.

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