‘US understands Bangladesh’s dissatisfaction’


The United States has understood Bangladesh’s dissatisfaction with the ban on RAB, said Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen. He was speaking to reporters on Saturday, citing a phone conversation he had with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. “I really like his (Blinken’s) words,” he said. He understands that we are dissatisfied. “

“We are not thinking of retaliating against the United States,” he told reporters. We have no grievances against anyone. “

On December 10, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on RAB and its seven former and current top officials for alleged human rights abuses. The next day, the Bangladesh government summoned the US Ambassador to Dhaka, Earl Robert Miller, to express its displeasure. In this context, on the evening of December 15, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called Secretary of State Momen to discuss various issues, including sanctions.

Journalists want to know about the phone conversation with Blinken from the Foreign Minister after a program in Dhaka yesterday. The foreign minister said, “I told him that RAB is very efficient in our country. Due to this, terrorism has decreased in our country and drug smuggling is under control. RAB has reduced human trafficking a lot. ‘

“The RAB is working on global issues in the United States, such as counter-terrorism and counter-human trafficking,” he said. Your decision has not been accepted by the people. He (the US Secretary of State) has told me, of course, that their Congress, the legislators, have forced a lot of sanctions. ‘

Call on journalists to talk about human rights abuses in the United States: The Secretary of State said, “According to our data, about six million people go missing in the United States each year. According to their information, the police killed thousands of people while on duty. And when a man dies in our country, they will say, ‘Extrajudicial killing!’

The foreign minister told reporters, “You are the real culprit. You say murder without trial. And they say, “on the line of duty.” So everyone needs to be a little more aware of their position. “

“There are frequent shootings in the United States, people die in schools, people die in malls,” he said. You do not say anything about these! You should talk about these. How many people’s human rights they violate by waging war from time to time. You should talk about these. ‘

Democracy in talks, peacekeeping activities: Foreign Minister told reporters that US Secretary of State Blinken has spoken of holding talks with Bangladesh. Blinken also mentioned that there is a framework for dialogue between the two countries on various issues, including peacekeeping operations, climate and democracy.

“I told him (Blinken) that we have been working for democracy and human rights all our lives,” he said. Our freedom struggle began for democracy; When the expectations of the people were rejected. ‘

Momen said, ‘He (Blinken) said, we have a lot of work to do here. We have many structures. We will discuss it. “

Talks are going on between the three ministers: The journalists also questioned the Foreign Minister about the responsibility given by the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to the Home Minister, Foreign Minister and Law Minister to work on the ban. “We are talking about this ourselves,” he said. We will sit down and talk about how to move forward. ‘

Ushma over non-return of Rashed Chowdhury: Foreign Minister, while talking to reporters about US sanctions yesterday, raised the issue of Rashed Chowdhury, the assassin of Bangabandhu, who is in political asylum in the United States. “They do it,” he said. Rashed Chowdhury has been detained. They don’t. ‘

He said, ‘Keep the murderer again, speak of the law, speak of humanity! The one who violated humanity, killed people, they shelter them. That’s not right. “

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