UK Company Makes Mask For Cows

UK Company Makes Mask For Cows To Check Methane Emission


A UK-based company has developed masks for cows. Cows pose a potential threat to climate and the new discovery is aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions. The company behind the discovery is Zelp. The burp-catching device is exclusively for cows. Their burps and farts are contributing to global warming. According to an estimate, there are approximately 1.6 billion cattle. They expel methane. Methane is an odorless gas. It is responsible for global warming. It is 84 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide when it comes to climate change. Zelp said that the new mask is comfortable for cows and is a potential solution to check climate change. The company claimed that it will slow down climate change.

According to a study, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from the 13 largest dairy companies in the US is almost equivalent to emissions by fossil fuel giants. Zelp claimed that the new mask is designed in a way that it will reduce methane emissions by 60 percent from cattle. The mask has a zip to tie it around the cow’s head. It fits perfectly on the cow’s head. It sits next to the nostrils. It catches methane from their breathing. The animal appears comfortable when the mask is applied. The company incorporated technology in the mask that detects methane from cattle’s nostrils and mouths and then oxidizes it.

Zelp said that the mask does not affect an animal’s behavior. Besides, it also has no impact on their feeding activity. The company conducted trials and observed the animal’s behavior for months before introducing it. Zelp said that the mask doesn’t only reduce methane emissions. It also has an option for measuring animal’s feeding activity. Experts say that the mask could also be used in detecting early signs of disease in cattle. When methane production is increased, cattle’s activity is decreased. This could be a signal of potential disease. The mask converts the excessive amount of methane gas into water and CO2. It can recharge on its own. Besides, it also reduces the food digestion process in cattle without impacting their activities.

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