Tourism in Cox's Bazar on its way to disaster

Tourism in Cox’s Bazar on its way to disaster


In today’s world, wherever tourists go, they seek meaningful experiences. They must search online and social media. For this exceptional experience, the reputation of law enforcement services, security assurance, tourism services, etc. are taken into consideration.

Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh is the longest beach in the world. It is a sandy beach with a continuous length of 155 km. The recent gang rape of a tourist couple in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, has caused great concern. No arrests have been made so far in the rape case. However, the accused are known to be involved in various cases in the police list. We also know about the friendship of police and political influential people with them.

Beach Cox’s Bazar has the multidimensional potential to contribute to the development process of any country like Bangladesh. The tourism industry here is creating employment and income opportunities.

A large number of hotels, resorts, guesthouses, motels and restaurants have sprung up in Cox’s Bazar. Many international standard three to five star hotels, resorts have been developed; Which is an opportunity for tourists to visit the beach directly with ancillary facilities. It is a wonderful place to swim, walk and watch the sunrise and sunset. It is a wonderful beach for family, friends and tourists and to enjoy the amazing and picturesque nature; Which is one of the longest natural sand beaches in the world. The recent law and order situation in Cox’s Bazar will have a far-reaching effect on the tourism industry. As happened in India.

The tourism experience in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh must resonate with the traveler’s desire, the authentic tourism experience needs to be inspired by the traveler, which cannot be found anywhere else. Tourism as an industry is a big challenge for Bangladesh, to take it forward, the crime rate in the region must be brought to zero. In order to accelerate the tourism industry in Cox’s Bazar, public safety must be given top priority in addition to favorable economic externals. Otherwise, this emerging industry will be ruined.

Delwar Zahid Former Member of Research Faculty, University of Manitoba, Canada; Bangladesh Muktijoddha Sangsad Canada Unit Command Executive.

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