Top Five Music Radar: Rapper Lotto Bandz


From Saint Louis,Missouri, born and raised from a family stemming from a deep history in music, Lotto Bandz (a.k.a. lotto) knew at early age that music soon become the greatest impact in his life.

Star power is something that only a few select of artists have today.Despite popular belief, star power isn’t necessarily something you can obtain, but it’s rather something you are both with; something innate. With rising super star, Lotto Bandz, star power is just the beginning when it comes to describing this Atlanta-based artist.

While being surrounded by music indefinitely and growing up around his very talented grandfather, a famous local guitarist, and a singing mother, it was only a matter of time before lotto would unearth his deep passion for music creation.

After joining a rap group, Lotto launched his music careerwhere both him and his partner made tremendous strides in the music club scene. While building a brand and buzzing online reputation, lotta would land several music opportunities, performances and local notoriety. Despite all of these successes, Lotto strived to be larger than life and continuing growing.

After separatingfrom his group member due to creative differences, lotto decided to take his talents to what many call the mecca of the music industry, Atlanta.

In just a short amount of time, lotto would already record and produce hit song “C1” with Grammy Nominated artist Offset (of Migos). Shortly thereafter, lotto would go on to work alongside some of the biggest names in music, including:Universal Republic and became featured with Quality Control Artist Lil Baby on hit single “Sadly Mistaken.” While also working with Bricksquad artists, lotto also worked alongside major music producers including Brickz (Young Thug), Cassius Jay (Drake), and several more.

It wasn’t too long after that Lotto Bandz clearly made a name for himself not just as an artist, but asa definite example of a business artist who is taking charge of his own career. Lotto is inspired by the likes of music business moguls like Jay Z, 50 Cent, and Diddy and has dedicated his life to following in the steps of the greatest of all time.

Recently, Lotto Bandz announced that he is working on a more discreet project that is sure to rattle the industry. In just 2 months time, lotto will have recorded over 90 songs music tracks from the start of his career until now. Clearly, with an artist with this much star power, the sky is the limit for such a dynamic artist who can both rap and sing.

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