Ludo & other multiplayer games

Ludo & other multiplayer games to keep you entertained


As the last decade ended, everyone observed the world move globally into the territory of online gaming. With many side effects rolling in from the ongoing pandemic, people of all ages shifted to gaming on the Internet as the best form of getaway from the monotony of everyday life. It became increasingly complex for people to socialize daily, and these virtual platforms served as the best ways you could connect actively with people.

Multiplayer games are fun to play and an easy way to interact with different people. With the third year of said pandemic underway, people around the globe are more bored than ever. This is seemingly the best time to enjoy multiplayer games and make the most. 

Let us look at some of these games, jam-packed with loads of features to keep you completely absorbed in your screens.

Clash Royale

One of the most popular games in the online segment is this multiplayer-based challenge game where you can use fun characters to fight other online players. The game has been derived from an earlier game called clash of clans, where each player was granted a village that they could build with the several resources available throughout the game. In this game, the developers have increased the number of characters from the original game so that players develop more interest in the new format. There are over a hundred character cards that you can unlock and build your team with. The more levels you climb, the easier it is to unlock the character cards. You get a castle and two attacking points on your quarter of the field, and the rival on the opposite side gets the same but of a different color. The player’s motive is to protect his towers from getting destroyed by the opponent and demolish the opponent’s towers before time runs out on the clock. The player with minimum damage on their towers wins the game.

MPL Ludo

This game is for the oldies and the newbies. Ludo on MPL is one of the best-reviewed Ludo playing apps on the Internet that offers you an exquisite experience of the classic game. The year 2020 surprised everyone with Ludo ranking as the top game in terms of usage. The developers here have taken the classic game and added many new cool features to it. You can play online with people at ease, and it gets challenging and addictive the more you play on the app. You are offered four tokens and dice to play the game. The player has to drop the correct numbers with the dice to move his pieces forward. The first player to get all his tokens to the end goal point wins the game.

The game is built around smooth, fluid graphics and animations that will keep you visually occupied. The fact that you can get proper rivals within seconds makes this app stand out from the others. Also, if you are tired from playing the regular Ludo, you can quickly jump on to Ludo Win, which has added a twist to the classic game. Instead of the dice here, you have to spin a wheel to get the numbers that allow you to move your tokens. It is fun and fast and equally entertaining like the original. To play Ludo online on this app, you have to head over to their website and put in your number to get a link to install it on your cell phone directly.


The most popular multiplayer event launched by Epic Games set the online world on fire when it first came out. Everyone has heard of this game even though they have not had the chance to play it themselves. For beginners to get introduced to the game, an island is provided where online players spawn in random places. The objective is to survive the game, and you can do so in many different ways. You can choose many weapons and armor to protect yourself from other players or attack them. You have to take your character through the island as the game area continuously shrinks. The arena is free to explore, and you can build safe houses and other buildings within the game by collecting resources.

Fortnite became a gaming hub during the lockdown, where players gathered in huge numbers to witness live events that even included crossovers from other games. Prominent global artists also held live music events within the game world so that fans could attend those concerts digitally without risking contamination during the time of social distancing. The only drawback of Fortnite is you need a perfect system to experience the game at its best potential and play smoothly without suffering lags or glitches.


This game is old and known worldwide for its unique 8-bit art style. The game offers the user limitless possibilities where they can build houses and meet friends online. You can blow up the things you have built and sneakily creep onto your online friend’s building and demolish it with TNT or lava. The game has inspired other online games, and a perfect example is Hyperpixel. On Minecraft, you can enjoy safe and straightforward fun with family, and it does not get too involved with high-level graphics or complex storytelling. On Minecraft, you can spend hours exploring the game’s internal landscape and choose to have fun with things of your individual choice. Be it building, exploring, or merely surviving.

There is also a mode in the game where you are given a chance to face a fearsome ender dragon which is very challenging and requires much skill from the player developed over hours of practice.

Final Words

The above games are the top players in the list of many multiplayer games available in the online market. The games are easy to download and entirely safe for your device. The games have different attributes; some are pretty simple, and some are filled with varieties that make them equally addictive. They provide you with quality entertainment that keeps you glued to the screens for hours.

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