Tips For Caring For Your Laptop While Telecommuting and Extending its Useful Life


The health crisis has forced many Spaniards to adapt to teleworking. This situation has caused a large part of workers to want to continue working from home despite the return to normality, according to a study by the AxiCom agency.

This study reveals that 8 out of 10 teleworkers say they feel comfortable working remotely, a figure that increases to more than 90% in those with children.

Teleworking involves greater use of the computer laptop, so it is vital to look after him properly to ensure its operation for as long as possible. For this reason, from Back Market, experts in reconditioned electronic products offer a series of tips to take care of laptops and extend their useful lives.

First of all, it is essential to check the computer regularly to verify that it has 20% free space to function properly. In case you don’t have space, you have to delete the files that are no longer useful -especially the heaviest ones- and uninstall the programs that are no longer used. Another option is to use a computer cleaning program.

Taking care of the battery is another of the most important aspects to extend the life of the device as much as possible, according to Back Market. To do this, they recommend turning off the computer whenever it is not being used. However, it is also necessary to follow some guidelines, such as minimizing the programs that start automatically when you turn it on and plugging in the laptop only when you need it, and disconnecting it when it reaches 100% autonomy does not suffer and lasts longer.

Cleaning is another of the tricks that will make a computer live longer. Trying to prevent crumbs and other debris from getting into the laptop’s innards is vitally important, as is vacuuming the dirt that accumulates between the pins and cleaning all its parts regularly with a microfiber cloth or a wipe for devices or glasses.

On the other hand, it is essential not to obstruct the air inlets and outlets of the computer, since if the temperature increases, it could cause serious problems. The idea is always to use it on a table or a rigid surface. meilleurordinateur portable moins de 600 euros

Also, laptop security is another factor to consider. Beyond a state-of-the-art antivirus, the essential thing is to update the system and programs when requested since most of them are security corrections.

Lastly, avoiding bumps will make your computer last much longer. The impacts can damage the hard disk if the computer is switched on or suspended; for this reason, it is essential to turn it off during transfers and put a cover on it to protect it properly.

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