The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Shoes Color Combinations: 7 Styling Tips



When it comes to buying men’s shoes online, the colour of the shoe and the type of shoe matters the most. With a variety of men’s shoes available in plenty of colours, choosing the best shoe adds an element of style to your outfit and amps your overall look. 

The colour of the shoe depends on the event and the formality of the function you plan to wear the shoe. With the extensive list of shoes and colours to choose from, there is a shoe for every time you head out. Pairing shoe colours with your outfit is an art, and we have created a list of the ultimate guide to combining buy men’s shoes online with outfits and looking dapper while you are at it. 

  1. Black 

The most versatile shoe colour, black shoes go with any bottom wear and can be worn for any event. They look classy and mysterious and are best for formal functions. Black shoes are preferred towards the night. Ensure that you choose black pants to go with black shoes. This is why black shoes are an absolute must-have in every modern man’s wardrobe. 

  1. Brown 

Brown or tan shoes make the best of both worlds. They work as classy office wear and is the perfect shoe to wear while you are at a party. Brown shoes go with every outfit but are preferred to be worn with white or navy blue pants for the best aesthetic outfit look. Brown shoes look good in every outfit option apart from black. Black pants and brown shoes are not desirable in terms of colour combination. 

  1. White 

The ultimate sneaker shade. White colour shoes look good to wear on a casual day out. White shoes require extra care, which makes them visually shiny and clean at all times. Pair white shoes with jeans or cargo pants of any colour, and add a round-neck t-shirt to complete the look. White shoes can be worn with any outfit as they are versatile and used by everyone. White shoes elevate the outfit’s look and make you look smart and classy simultaneously. 

  1. Grey 

Grey shoes are increasingly becoming famous. Shoes with grey highlights on them add style and class to the outfit. Grey shoes go well with black denim jeans and a t-shirt. They can be worn for the movies or even a dinner with the family. 

  1. Yellow 

If you love your shoes to stand out from the rest, choose yellow shoes. Yellow is a bright colour and will be easily noticed by everyone. You could also go for shoes that have yellow highlights in them that look chic and vibrant. Yellow sneakers can be worn for a holiday trip out with your best buddies or on a hot summer day out for a morning jog. 

  1. Red 

Red shoes are increasingly used for sports shoes and depict aggression and rage. Red shoes go well with sports shorts and jackets. They are best worn while you head out for the morning gym session or for the badminton game with your buddies in the stadium. Red shoes are highly noticeable in a crowd, and you are surely going to be noticed as you walk. 

  1. Blue 

Blue-coloured shoes are not an everyday sight. Blue shoes are mainly worn as sports shoes o even as sneakers. Blue shoes are rare, and this makes them the perfect experimental shoe to get your hands on. They look classy on men and wearing blue shoes with black jeans, and a shirt is the ideal cocktail dinner wear. 

Choosing the perfect shoe colour for your outfit can vary depending on your style. Choose shoes that genuinely look good while you wear your outfit and not just because they are the trend right now. Prioritise the fit above the look of the shoe, and you have the perfect shoe to wear for all events. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Which colours are the best for men’s shoes? 

The best shoe colours for men are black, brown, white and blue. These colours are the basic shoe colour combinations, and they can be worn for every outfit in the wardrobe. Every man must have at least these colours of shoes to build a minimal and classy outfit. 

  1. How to choose the best shoe colour for men? 

While picking g the colour of the shoe, match the colour of the sneakers with the colour of the pants. The shoe has to be a shade darker than the pants. This creates a good contrast and is visually pleasing. 

  1. How should men’s shoes match their outfits? 

As a general rule, the shoe colour is preferred to match the shade of the pants and the belt. The shoe colour does not necessarily have to match the shade of the shirt.

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