The golden bird of the wildflower


Bird photographer Ehsan Ali Biswas and Pabna University of Science and Technology teacher. I went to Pabna at the invitation of Farooq Ahmed. Adjacent to Kumarkhali in Kushtia, the river Padma is near the town of Pabna. So I decided to look for birds on the Padma Char for two or three hours in the morning before visiting the sights of the city.

Recently a rare species of bird has been spotted there. I woke up at 6 in the morning and a group of five including Prothom Alo ‘s Pabna photo journalist Hasan Mahmud and two local teachers rushed to Shilaidaha Ghat in Kumarkhali, Kushtia on a motorcycle. I crossed the Ichhamati river flowing through Pabna city and reached Shilaidaha Ghat in just 25 minutes. After that it took only 6 minutes to reach the char by crossing the river in the boat of Bakkar Majhi.

After getting off the boat and walking for three minutes, I came to a stand in front of the dry kashaban at one end of the char. Most of the forest has been cultivated with tractors; The rest will surely be in a few days! However, as soon as he came to Kashaban, Farooq said, ‘Sir, look ahead.’ I looked at his direction and saw a bird sitting there looking like a female sparrow. I clicked quickly without a moment’s delay. I can’t even think of getting him so soon. However, even though he found the female bird very easily, he had to wait another 30 minutes for the beautiful male bird with black head and reddish back. After walking for an hour and a half, I took some good pictures and took the boat back to Bakkar Majhi.

A pair of birds seen on the Padma Char of Kushtia is a rare and irregular migratory bird of this country. Fiction writer Bonaful i.e. Balaichand Mukherjee named it ‘Golden Bird’. The English name is Blackheaded Bunting. The genus Emberizidae and the scientific name Emberiza melanocephala . The resident bird of Southeastern Europe, the Middle East and Iran, including Russia, migrates in winter to various countries in South and Southeast Asia, including India.

At first glance, it looks like a black-headed squirrel, with a long, slender and long yellow body. It is 16-18 cm in length and weighs 26-35 grams. The lower feathers of the body are bright yellow. Both sides of the chest are slightly reddish. Silver on the head and black on both sides of the neck up to the cheeks. The upper part of the body is reddish-brown. Red back and waist. There are two white stripes on the wings. Other than the breeding season, the body color is dull. The wife is much simpler than the man. The upper part of the body is brown with dark spots and the lower part is pale yellow. Both sides of the body are pale-brown. Yellow below the waist and tail. Dark brown eyes regardless of sex. The upper beak is horn-brown and the lower is horn-yellow. The feet, toes and toes are flesh-colored. Juvenile birds look a lot like females.

Twenty deer trapped in a hunter’s trap at Singra in Natore have been rescued and released into the open. A local voluntary organization called Chalanbil Biodiversity Protection Committee rescued the deer from a paddy field in Devattar village of Chalanbil in the upazila on Tuesday morning.

The members of the organization said that on the basis of secret information, they raided a paddy field in Devattar village this morning and arrested two hunters along with 20 bucks. At this time they destroyed two

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