Chelsea footballer Sam Carr against Juventus in the Women's Champions League

The Chelsea female footballer saw the card after pushing the male spectator on the field


The incident of spectators entering the field is not something new in football. During the game, there are many scenes of entering the field and touching the favorite star. Some even touched and took shots as they entered the field again. Before anyone could go that far again, the security guards hugged him.

A similar incident took place in the Chelsea-Juventus match in the Women’s Champions League yesterday. Suddenly a male spectator entered the field. Entering the field, he was wandering aimlessly. Players from both teams told him to get off the field. But he was not listening. At one point, Chelsea’s Australian player Sam Carr ran towards him. The spectator who fell on the field also ran a little. At that moment, Sam went ahead and pushed the man. The spectator fell into the field.

Chelsea footballer Sam Carr against Juventus in the Women’s Champions League

After a while, the spectator got up, ran and left the field. But referee Sam Carr was shown a yellow card for such unprofessional behavior. Sam Carr, of course, had enough reason to lose his temper. Chelsea was playing great against Juventus. Holding 72% of the ball, they have not scored a goal with more than 20 shots. At that time towards the end of the match, such an annoying event!

Chelsea’s women’s soccer coach Emma Hayes was asked about the matter at the end of the match. “I don’t understand why the man didn’t wait until the end of the match,” he joked. If he wanted to take a picture with someone, he could have done so at the end of the match. “

Emma Hayes did not stop there when she talked about the safety of the players. “As women’s football expands, so does the number of players’ fans,” she said. I think stadiums and stewards need to be more careful. We have to think first about the safety of the players. ” In the end, the two teams left the field with a goalless draw.

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