Sunamganj girls will get in shape, nobody ever thinks


There was no place for sesame in the auditorium of the National Sports Council building even on holiday evenings. The song is playing loudly. And Maksuda Akhter, Nusrat Meem, Poppy Rani Das are giving ‘poses’ in different styles to the tune of the song. Crowds flocked to the gallery to watch the open women’s section of the national bodybuilding competition.

Although the men’s bodybuilding competitions are regular, the Bangladesh Bodybuilding Federation has organized bodybuilding for girls for only three years. For the third time, a maximum of 14 women came from different parts of Bangladesh.

This time Maksuda Akhter has become the champion for the second time in a row in the national bodybuilding competition. The runner-up is Nusrat Meem of Ruslan Studios. Poppy Rani Das won bronze.

Poppy, a girl from Sunamganj, won bronze for the first time. If a girl from a district outside Dhaka would come and take part in a bodybuilding competition, it was not easy for Poppy.

“Naturally, my parents didn’t agree at first,” said Poppy, who was thrilled to win the medal. My sister has been the most supportive in this regard. I could not have come here without his help. Honestly, a girl from Sunamganj district will come up and get down in this way, no one ever thought of that. But I did it. I want to go farther. “

Sister Parul Das, who was standing next to Poppy, said with a smile, “Poppy had a strong inclination towards bodybuilding. Whoever likes the work should be allowed to do it. I explained it to my parents. They did not agree to anything. Later, however, they allowed him to go to the gym a few days later. I am more than happy to see Poppy with the medal. ‘

Poppy said that he came to his body shape by his own choice, ‘Suddenly my body weight was increasing. Since then I have become more aware of the body. Let’s start doing gym. When I started the gym, diet, I thought, why not take part in the competition! ‘

Poppy, who studied at BBA in Sylhet, was suffering from nervousness at the beginning. However, the audience gave good encouragement. Then my fear disappeared. ‘

Where Poppy was suffering from a nervous breakdown, Maksuda, who eventually became the champion, was confident from the start. It has to happen! A few days ago, Maksuda became the third runner-up in the International Amateur Olympia in Mumbai. Then he took part in this competition in Dhaka. Maksuda was confident of becoming the champion.

He was happy to retain the medal, saying, “I am happy to be the champion again. But it is good to see that Bangladeshi girls have become interested in bodybuilding. ‘

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