Enayet came to Dhaka

Salauddin’s field rival Enayet is now in Dhaka


In the eyes of many, Kazi Salauddin is the best name in Bangladesh football. Abahani’s number ten was unrivaled when the player skillfully added a star image. But just by the standard of playing skills, many people put another person in the best position in the football of the country. His name is Enayetur Rahman Khan. Although the name is unknown to today’s generation, Enayet was the best ball player on the Dhaka field in the seventies and eighties.
The first goal in Bangladesh’s 2-2 draw against Thailand in the famous Merdeka tournament in Malaysia in 1983 came from his feet. That is the first international goal of Bangladesh. He was a regular member of the national team. He also played regularly in the proud independent Bengali team.
After that Enayet retired, he settled in Canada a long time ago. He is now a forgotten name in the country’s football. He spent a lot of time in exile with his family. The former star footballer came in the news again today. He returned to the country this morning after 26 long years.

It is said in the football discussion that he left the country with pride. The country’s football did not give him anything (worthy respect). However, getting the status of the best in the eyes of some in the country’s football is not less for him. He did not come to the country for many years. When sports journalists from the country contacted him, he used to talk about a lot of anger and arrogance. Although he was the best in terms of size and gestures, he used to talk a lot about Salauddin in the media.

Anyway, at least he’s happy to be back in the country. Currently two months off. “I came to the country after many days,” Enayet told reporters at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport today. This feeling is different. Those who have played football, fought the war of liberation, they cannot stay away from the country. People do many things for the needs of life. That is why I am in exile. ‘

Former footballer Abdul Gaffar greeted Enayet at the airport. “Football in this country will never forget Enayet Bhai,” he said. I have been asking him to come to the country for a long time. Finally he came. In Dhaka he will take the certificate of liberation war.

Enayet came to Dhaka

Many think that Salauddin was ready to take a shot at the post by turning his body in a small place. But Enayet would catch the ball from below. Through, he would quickly climb up and score a goal. The footballers of his time gave him higher marks as a ball player.

However, this man was a temperamental footballer. In 1986, referee Dalil Khan was killed and he made a fuss. Enayet did that in Mohammedan’s jersey against Victoria.

In 1973, BIDC got a free kick against Wanderers at Dhaka Stadium. Enayet sent the ball to the net over the walls of the seven. Goalkeeper Shahidur Rahman Santu did not get any chance to stop the ball. Once in his volley against Rahmatganj, the ball broke through the net on the north side of the then Dhaka Stadium. Even today many people reminisce about these memories in the football chat. After more than two decades, Enayet is returning to the country and taking everyone back to the tumultuous football atmosphere of the seventies and eighties.

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