His two bodyguards with Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo’s twin bodyguards accused of ‘working illegally’


Star players have personal bodyguards for safety. Cristiano Ronaldo also has two such bodyguards. The Portuguese star and his twin brothers are in charge of the security of his family.

They fought in Afghanistan as members of the elite force. One of them is Sergio Ramaleiro, the other is George Ramaleiro. An investigation has been launched into the alleged involvement of the two security guards in Portugal.

The two brothers were members of the Portuguese police before going to war in Afghanistan. They were responsible for the security of judges and politicians. According to the Portuguese media Observer, Sergio and George have been accused of acting as security guards by showing illegal documents.

According to the media, the private security guards may have to stand in the courtroom as they did this without the permission of the police. Legal action will be taken against them after they return to the Portuguese police department.

Ronaldo's two bodyguards have fought in Afghanistan

A spokesman for the Portuguese police told the British Mirror that “the matter is under investigation and we cannot comment now.”

The two brothers, who got a job as bodyguards for Manchester United star Ronaldo, were told by the Portuguese police department to go on unpaid leave. If they have any other goal, the police department has asked them to pay attention to it. After that Ronaldo got a call from two brothers.

They have one more brother. The two bodyguards were spotted with Ronaldo at the Manchester airport on their way to play in the Champions League match against the Swiss team Young Boys.

Before they joined, Ronaldo’s bodyguard was a former mixed martial arts player and a former paratrooper working in the elite force. The former paratrooper, Nuno Marecos, was spotted with Ronaldo at Real Madrid.

Former MMA player Goncalo Salgado has been spotted working to ensure Ronaldo’s safety in the 2016 Champions League final in Kiev.

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