Messi in the hands of the seventh Ballon d'Or

Ronaldo’s comments storm the post questioning Messi’s Ballon d’Or


Whether it’s Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, or Luka Modric, who has won one season in a row … there has been no controversy over Ballon d’Or, perhaps the last few years. This year was no exception. But usually the controversy where the media and the players’ supporters have been confined for so many years, now the players themselves are joining it!

Player name Cristiano Ronaldo!

Messi won the seventh Ballon d’Or of his career last night. There is controversy about that too. However, Ronaldo’s name has not been mentioned in the debate for so long. Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski has always been the name of the game. But at the end of the award, Ronaldo’s name got involved in the controversy.

In addition to Ronaldo’s achievement, a Ronaldo fan posted on Instagram an account of why Messi should not have won the award. Ronaldo’s comment at the bottom of the post is brawling!

This time Ronaldo is sixth in the list of Ballon d'Or

A huge post from that Instagram account, CR7 Lendario, described Ronaldo’s first year in a row. Translated into Bengali, this is what Cristiano Ronaldo did this year: Copa Italiano title, Italian Super Cup title, Euro top scorer, Italian league top scorer, Juventus top scorer in the 2020-21 season, Manchester United top scorer in the 2021-22 season. He has become the highest goal scorer in the history of football as a goal in the official match and also the best goal scorer in the history of the national team. ‘

The Instagram user then wrote, based on his own opinion, “He has been the top scorer in Euro history as well as the best assist in the history of the tournament.”

“Ronaldo has scored 43 goals a year, six in five Champions League matches,” he said. Every goal has created a gap in the match. Someone who, at this age, is still doing incredible feats, almost always shocking the world. is he (Ballon d’Or’s vote) the sixth! ‘

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

The Ronaldo fan then claimed that only Lewandowski could compare with Ronaldo, “Do you really think that five footballers have done better than him (Ronaldo) this year?” By no means! He (Ronaldo) could easily have judged the award. In that case (in the race for the prize) he could have competed with Lewandowski, whose record was incredibly personal. Bayern have had a better season than Juventus, with more going on than United. But Ronaldo (better than Lewandowski) has done much better for the national team. But who gets the latest prize? ‘

From here, things get trickier for Ronaldo fans, with Messi being quoted as saying, Cristiano Ronaldo, who has not scored a goal against Real Madrid since leaving Real, has not been able to do much in the big matches of the season. Copa America is won, which is supposed to be once in 4 years, but almost every year. He could not score in the final or semi-final. He is also having a bad season for PSG personally. ‘

The Ronaldo fan also claimed that the award criteria for Messi and Ronaldo are very high. According to him, in Ronaldo’s case, the thing is – “Ronaldo has to pay 300 percent to win the award without question.” It doesn’t matter if he scores the most beautiful bicycle goal of the year, if he is the champion of everything in the club, if he is the best goal scorer everywhere or if he scores a hat trick in the World Cup, he does not get any reward. ‘And in the case of Messi? Ronaldo-fan post writes, ‘Messi is the complete opposite. Even though his season was very bad, they found a way to give him the prize. ‘

Then there is Messi’s Ballon d’Or win and Ronaldo’s “unfortunate” rage over the end of this Ronaldo-fan’s post, “(Messi’s award-winning) theft! Dirty! Shame! Unfortunately. Those who see this know. Only those who are intelligent know who should have received the award. The hypocrites are happy to win the award even if they don’t get it, there is no pride in it. Without these awards, CR7 (Ronaldo) is the best footballer in history. ‘

A fan can post that. The fan post doesn’t make sense anymore whether he is a Messi fan or Ronaldo, there is a predominance of emotion. Yet the discussion of this post is only due to a comment below the post. The commenter’s name is Cristiano Ronaldo!

Under the fan post, Ronaldo wrote only one word, ‘Factos.’ In Bengali? “That’s right!” In other words, Ronaldo agrees with what the fan said about not winning his Ballon d’Or and winning Messi’s prize! After that there will be no response on social media – or why?

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