Ronaldo Nazario with Cruz's jersey

Ronaldo bought his first club after losing to the owner of Liverpool


Ronaldo Nazario has played for clubs such as Barcelona and Real Madrid in Spain and Inter Milan and AC Milan in Italy. Despite playing in these famous clubs, Brazilian team Cruzeiro will always have a special place in his mind. Cruzeiro Ronaldo’s first club in professional football. Much like first love. And no one can ever forget the first love of life!

Maybe that’s why when Ronaldo got the news that Cruzeiro would be sold, he fled to Brazil. The only purpose is to buy the first club of your professional football career. In Brazilian football, the club, which has been lagging behind lately, will be re-arranged. The initial goal of the legendary striker has been met. He was able to buy Cruzeiro. It remains to be seen whether he can regain the glory he lost to his favorite club.

When Ronaldo was 11 years old, his parents divorced. That’s when Ronaldo’s mind went to study. After leaving school, his place is on the streets, instead of studying, he starts spending time playing football. Living with his mother, the lack of money was obvious. But while playing soccer in the street, he was spotted by scouts at the S সাo Cristovao club. The young Ronaldo is in the youth team of the club.

After that, Ronaldo did not have to look back. Cruzeiro draws him from Sao Cristova. He made his professional football debut in 1993 for this club. But he has only spent one season here. Cruzeiro sold him to PSV Eindhoven. Ronaldo then traveled to Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan, Real Madrid, AC Milan and Corinthians via Eindhoven. Ronaldo has made a lot of money playing in these clubs. But Cruzeiro, the first club in his life, who never paid him much, never forgot that club.

Ronaldo has no shortage of money now. That’s why when he went to buy Cruzeiro, he was able to beat the strong rival Liverpool’s owner side Fenway Sports Group. And because of his love for his first club, he did not hesitate to buy the team after playing in Brazil’s Serie B for two seasons. Club president Sergio Santos Rodriguez posted a video on Instagram after Ronaldo bought Cruzeiro. “I am just happy to be here,” said Ronaldo.

Ronaldo, 45, then said, “I have a lot to give back to Cruzeiro.” The video shows Ronaldo holding a number 9 jersey. He used to wear the number 9 jersey in his playing life. The number of the jersey that Ronaldo was holding in Cruzeiro is his nickname ‘Phenomonon’. Showing off the jersey, he told Cruzeiro his goal, “Cruzeiro must be taken back to where he was supposed to be.”

However, Ronaldo knows very well that the task is not easy. He also reminded everyone, “We have a lot of work to do now. I want the supporters to stay with us, come on the field again. Because, we need a lot of energy now, we need unity. ‘Then Ronaldo added,’ We have a lot of work to do and my goal is to make Cruzeiro the best club again. ‘

Ronaldo had previously bought 51 per cent ownership of Spanish La Liga team Real Valladolid in 2016. He had to spend 30 million euros to get the ownership of this part of the Vayadolis. According to a report by Brazil’s, Cruzeiro will have to pay 60 million euros to own a majority stake.

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