Real Madrid at the top of the league with the victory in Daputa


The news came today that Real Madrid wants to renew the contract of Marco Asensio. The glimpse he showed in the 2016/17 season has not been seen for a long time. There is no shortage of winger in the team, the Spanish player has not been in form for a long time, but many were surprised at the news of Asensio’s desire to renew his contract. Asensio therefore had a responsibility to prove himself against Granada.

Asensio has proved it to some extent. Real showed their strength against Granada today. Real Madrid has risen to the top of the league again with a 4-1 victory over the opponent.

Marco Asensio put Real ahead in the 19th minute. The goal started in the 19th minute through Vinicius. The Brazilian winger, who was dull for the rest of the first half, snatched the ball from the opponent a little in front of the midfield. Tony Cruz got the ball from there and increased the ball through. Asensio rushed into the box with the ball. The ball went into the net with the touch of the forward goalkeeper.

Nacho scored the second goal for Real after 6 minutes. Cruise passes from the corner to Madrich. Madrich returned the ball to the German midfielder. The Real defender only had to touch the foot from the cross.

However, after 9 minutes, this dance put Real in danger. Vinicius, who had scored the first goal by snatching the ball from the opponent’s leg, lost the ball in his own half. Luis Suarez got the ball from there and took a couple of shots. Thibaut Courtois jumped to the ball. But when the ball hits Nacho, it changes direction and goes into the net. Karim Benzema tried to score in a single attempt at the very last moment of the first half. But Granada goalkeeper Maximiano saved the team in a great dive.

Real were attacking one after the other from the beginning of the second half. Benzema missed an extreme chance to score in the 53rd minute. Later, however, it was reported that he did not score a goal due to offside. 3 minutes later, however, Benzema forgot the mistake. With great control the ball entered the box again. Benzema extended the ball to Madrich near the left post. Madrich did not take a shot but extended it towards Vinicius who was in the gap. Vinicius made no mistake to score.

Vinicius finished the match in 6 minutes. He got the ball on the left side and ran alone. Once the ball went out of control, he was trying to take possession again and go to the corner. Granadar Manchu tried to tackle him with both feet to stop him. Manchu went straight after seeing the red card. Coach Robert Moreno received a red card for protesting the decision.

Real increased the speed of the attack by getting an extra one. Maximiano deprived Farlan Mendi of a goal in the 75th minute. But in the next minute, Real’s left back scored the goal by beating Granada’s defense.

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