Real Madrid at the beginning of the year


Real Madrid lost only 2 matches in the league in 2021. In the first match of 2022, Real got half the taste of the previous year’s failure. The team at the top of the league has started the new year with a loss. Real Madrid lost 1-0 at Hetauf today. This is the first time since 2012 that Los Blancos have lost to Hetaf in the league. Despite this loss, Carlo Ancelotti’s team is at the top with 48 points in 20 matches.

Hetafe had scored only 12 goals in the previous 18 matches in the league. The team concentrates on counter-attack by arranging their defense to get points. Real Madrid, meanwhile, are the only team in the league to score two goals per match. The only way Hetaf won this match was to make a mistake by Los Blancos.

That happened in 9 minutes of the match. Milita also got the ball outside their D-box. Annes Unal was nearby. But he was not close enough to feel the pressure. Thibaut Courtois was behind Milita. On the right was Lucas Vasquez. Milita could have given them a pass if she wanted. But instead of doing that, he went to show his skill on the ball. Onal, on the other hand, was constantly pressing. The victory belongs to him. The Turkish forward took the shot with possession of the ball, but it was not possible for Kortoar to stop it.

This goal is the solution to the match. Hetaf’s plan was to pack his bags and go on the offensive. After receiving the gift in the 9th minute, the team of Sanchez Flores thought twice. However, in the 14th minute, the real defense made another noise and sat down to give another goal. But luckily for the service, Real survived.

Vinicius Jr. could not get off today due to corona. And that is why Real Madrid has lost all their credit. Karim Benzema and Tony Cruz chose this match to play their worst match of the season. It would have been difficult for Real to get back into the match after the absence of three of the team’s best players. The ball was in the possession of Real throughout the match. 64% of the time they kept the ball on their feet. But Real managed to take shots only four times in the post.

Real played without rhythm in the whole match. After passing through, it was seen that the person for whom it was given did not run. The ball was not passed at the right time, when an attempt was made to pass, the player was not in place. At one point, Ancelotti lost his temper and saw a yellow card. Ancelotti’s side have failed to score against the D-Box side this season.

How helpless Real is against such an opponent, said Apta Joe. Real had the most balls against four teams this season. Cadiz, Sheriff, Osasuna and Hetafe Real failed to win all four of these matches.

At this rate, another thunderbolt may rise in the minds of Real supporters. Real started the league at a great pace in the 2014-15 season as well. Ancelotti’s team started 2015 with 22 wins in a row. At the end of 2021, 15 matches unbeaten Real started the year 2022 with a loss. At this rate, Real has given Sevilla the opportunity to reduce the gap in the league table. Sevilla, who have 36 points from 16 matches, will go down to 2 with Real if they win the next two matches.

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