PSG, Neymar at the busy party thinking about the injury


Neymar: Football and controversy seem to be intertwined with this name!

Most of the time, two things happen when a Brazilian star comes on the field in a PSG jersey — either he is playing very well, and he left the field due to injury at the height of his form. The matter would have been limited to just getting out of the field after getting injured, it would not have happened if he was not drunk at Neymar’s party after leaving the field due to injury!

Earlier, the PSG star got into controversy by spending time at the party to stay out of the field due to injury. This time, of course, it did not take a single day to give birth to controversy.

After Neymar was injured in the League League match and dropped off the field, the smoke of controversy rose around him.

Neymar suffered an ankle injury in PSG’s 3-1 win over Saint-Etienne yesterday. How long he will be out of the field, it was not immediately certain. According to the PSG, Neymar suffered a ligament injury in his left leg.

He should be out of the field for 6 to 7 weeks. In other words, the Brazilian star is no longer seen on the field this year. Meanwhile, before the PSG made the statement, the Spanish media ‘Sport’ published the news of the new controversy surrounding Neymar. He was in Paris that night.

According to Sport, the news of the night party with Neymar would not have been reported in the media if Jottap had not posted the picture on Instagram. Jottape posted pictures and videos of the party with Neymar at 8:30 a.m. local time.

He posted pictures of music, lead and poker games. The game of poker is already Neymar’s favorite. He has been seen pulling lead in the party before. Jottape wrote in that post, Neymar “Come back one hundred percent, friend you are a bright star.”

Neymar has been in a bit of controversy lately. There has been a lot of criticism of his partisanship, and he has responded. He told everyone to just watch the game on his field. Neymar advised not to sniff about personal matters. However, the media in Paris did not give Neymar any concessions in this regard.

His party affiliation is criticized whenever he gets a chance. However, Neymar himself has said that this is something he will never give up.

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